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CHRISTI - December 28



heather - December 28

hello im due the 6th of june and doing good so far. i have gained 4 pounds so far not to bad.. I hope.. and i have a little pooch and feel the baby move and kick.. hope your doing well.


christi - December 28

so you actually feel the baby kick and move because i have only felt a few flutters but then again you are do a full month ahead of me THANKS


Angie - December 28

Im due June 26, 2006. Im about 14 weeks, I feel fine, look fine, my stomach is rounding and poking out a bit, I dont think i felt the "flutters" yet, they say it feels different in every woman, but other than that, im okay


Deb - December 29

Hi Christi, I am due on July 12th. I am 32 and live in Ontario Canada. So far, I have had terrible nausea and vomiting. I am even on medication for m/s and still vomit. I am 12 weeks and have lost 3 pounds because I can't stand to eat anything. My waistbands are starting to get tight but that is about it. When is your due date?


Mindi - December 29

Hi everyone. I am due July 3 with my first child. In the beginnin I had really bad morning sickness, but now I am just trying to fight off the other colds that are going around. I am 13 1/2 weeks and have gained 3 lbs.


N - December 29

I am due 6/29. I have a belly now and have not felt any movement so far. I have had fluttering feelings, but I think it may have been muscle spasms, as I've had similar feelings pre-pregnancy. I find out the s_x of the baby on Tuesday, at 15 weeks. I feel pretty good, but have most of the time, besides being tired alot. I have a virus right now, kind of feels like a cold.


christi - December 30

my due date is july 7, 06 I am very excited and this pregnancy is alot different than my first 3 YES, this is baby #4 and hoping for a girl!!!!!!!Thanks to all of the answers!!!!!! This is a great place


Melanie - December 30

Baby #2 eta also July 7th! I am now starting to pop out - happened over the holidays. I am a bit worried about returning to work next week as I have not told them yet, but it may seem obvious. Sometimes feeling a flutter. Craving all icy things.. snow cones, popsicles - weird because it is the middle of winter here in Toronto! So glad to be through the worst of morining sickness - still heaving in a snowbank every now and then though.


Steph - December 30

I'm due July 12, and this is my second child. My daughter was born on July 06, so she's pretty hopeful that this one'll share her b-day! I'm not feeling sick and have lost 6 pounds as of December 19. We'll see where I'm at at the next appt.


Lindsey - December 30

I'm due 11th June and i've lost a stone so far, nothing to worry about though as i'm very overweight. I'm 17 weeks sunday and i've just started having a few flutters. My morning sickness is still around and i have aches in my sides, fels a bit like st_tch. But all is well, i had a midwife appt for heartbeat next friday and my 20 week scan is 24th jan. fingers crossed fo rme.


Karoline - December 31

I'm due on July 1st. I feel flutters and yesterday for the 1st the time, the flutter feeling was a lot stronger and lasted for a couple of seconds. I definitely think it's the baby. At all of my ultrasounds, the baby has been extremely active. I have popped out majorly and have gained about 8 pounds.


MAMA O - January 2



Maren - January 2

Hello all i am due on july 3rd with my first. I would have to say i love being pregnant i have not got morning sickness or anything so that was exciting, just real tired!!! I am 14 weeks and i dont think i have felt any movement but i can see my belly starting to grow. I really havent gained weight yet so i hope by my next appointment i gained some i wish everyone luck


r - January 2

i am due on June 26; i have a pooch but i dont feel anything yet. i've only gained 2 lbs but i'm counting my blessings!


Robyn - January 2

I'm due late July. A bit tubby around the tummy - 10 wks pregnant. Worried about when my bld test should be for testing of down syndrome. My dr doesnt have any idea really. Anyone out there know?


Wunmi - January 3

Hello, im due on july 2nd 2006, im about 14 1/2 weeks, im okay, dont feel any flutters yet, bit nauseos, cant tolerate water, always thirsty



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