Morning Sickness Now Starting At 14 Wks Normal

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Sarah Anne - April 12

Near the 1st month of pregnancy I only threw up once, and was kinda nauseated on and off. Now I get really nauseated just at the smell and the looks of foods. Could this be because my hgc level (im not sure how the hgc thing works, lol) is now starting to tell my body im pregnant? Would it be best if I just threw up before I ate and get on with the day? Also, I am feeling out of breath a lot and it just started, too. I barely do something and I have to stop and breathe for a while. Is this all normal at 14 wks? Please Help! :-)


Kristin - April 12

This is perfectly normal, i still have morning sickness every once in awhile, but it really didnt start to subside until my 17th week.


Jamie - April 12

Yes, you are fine! I had morning sickness all the time off and on. I am not too sure about the breathing because I only had that in my late months!


Renee - April 12

I am now 16 weeks and I still have nausea. It comes and goes. It first started at 8 weeks then stopped for about two weeks. Then 12 weeks it got really bad, now every morning I get nausea but it does go away after about 20 min. It depends alot on smells. All kinds of smells bother me. It's normal, but annoying!!!


Kara - April 12

and I get breathless too, but have been told it doesn't mean anything bad.


sara - April 12

i am 14 wks 3 days and it is only getting worse for me. I hope that it gets better soon.


kim - April 13

I am the same way! I havent had hardly any morning sickness, but im in my 15th weeks, and I have morning sickness like crazy! I hope it stops!


Laura - April 13

I'm pretty unusual. Mine started at 12 weeks and hasn't let up (I'm 17 weeks now). I'm on constant meds to stop the vomiting. I'm hoping by 20 weeks...anyway, I guess it's normal for some (unlucky) women!


rb - April 14

sarah anne - mine stopped for two weeks and now it's back - i think it's normal - don't worry - i think it's the crazy raging hgc that's wreaking havoc on our bodies... maybe it's a good sign - like that the baby's growing... don't worry - i think we're all good... well we don't feel good - but i think we're okay - you know what i mean - okay, sick, rambling tired pregnant woman is going to bed now - don't worry tho! good luck!



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