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bbdreams - June 20

Hello ladies, I'm just wondering when you stopped suffering from morning sickness? I am almost 11 weeks now and am having a really hard time with it - I'm praying that it won't last much longer! Thanks!


mrsherzog - June 23

Hi BB... My severe MS stopped around 11 weeks. Everyone is different, but hopefully you'll get some relief soon. I know its horrible...but as soon as it goes away, you'll be convinced something is never fails. Try to hang in there and sleep as much as you won't know you're sick then! BTW, what week are you in?


bbdreams - June 23

Hi Mrsherzog - I am 11 weeks today actually. I have been feeling horrible and I would love some relief! I hope it ends soon!!!


beka81 - June 23

Oh God how i feel for you guys....i had SUCH bad morning sickness- all day long and mine didn't end until 18 weeks! I know it sounds so far away but it will stop (sooner for you guys I hope) and then you will be able to feel semi "normal" again....although then you will have other issues to deal with. But remember as long as the baby is healthy its all that matters!


Teddyfinch - June 23

once you actually hit the second trimester (about halfway through week 13) it usually starts to subside. mine was gone by then and i have a few moments of feeling bad, but nothing like before. but don't be upset if you have it throughout the pregnancy. apparently i gave my mom morning sickness the whole 40 weeks and then some lol.


angelborn - July 9

I stopped around 13 weeks, I hear ya. When I first went in to pregnancy, lost sleep, got sick all the time. Missed days of work, It was horrible, but once It stopped It was a major relief to me. I get It every once In a while, but nothing major kind of like having a weak flu lol.


austynsmommy - July 9

Im 14 weeks and still have it. It is not as bad but I still have it.


jstaley1228 - July 10

17 weeks and still sick... Please let it end soon! I'm really, REALLY wanting to enjoy the second trimester cause I've heard such great things!


TRACCY - July 10

hello ladies, I am 18 weeks and its starting to subside..I am on med fort nasea because it was so bad..I still have it but it is a little better..I HOPE THIS IS IT LOL


baby2jan13 - July 11

Well I am 13w4 days and still sick. not nearly as frequent though. Mostly driving and in the evening It does subside but I'm still waiting for it to go away!



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