Motherly Instinct Re Gender

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Kris - November 16

Have any of you been correct with your instinct on the baby's gender? I KNEW that my first child was a girl. And I was right. (We found out thru u/s). But this preg we couldn't tell in the u/s but I feel like boy. How accurate were your instincts??


Cathy - November 16

At first I had the feeling it was a girl, just because that is what i always expected. But after about 12 weeks I really started thinking boy. It HAD to be a boy, no little girl of mine would cause me so much trouble. LOL Couldn't think of any boy's name etc. Well, I was right! This is a little boy in my big tummy! Still can't think of a name. He is already a little hellion. LOL


r - November 16

this is my 3rd pregnancy and with all three I knew I was having a boy and I was correct and with this one thru sonogram it is comfirmed a boy I got a nice pic of his little boy part ha ha lol


Ashley B. - November 16

Me too! I just felt soo boyish from how I felt to what I wanted to wear. And it was confirmed by sonogram that he is a HE! He even tried to cover his stuff while we were doing the sono and we knew instantly it had to be a boy! Doctor said yep. :) It feels so good to her it's a boy since my instincts said that all along.


mls - November 16

with my first, I knew I was having a boy. then the ultrasound revealed a girl. I still couldn't shake the feeling that it was a boy and even had dreams of holding a little boy all dressed in blue. well last ultrasoudn at 8 months, confimed my hunches were right! it WAS a boy. with this one, we've decided not to find out, but I'm convinced that it's a girl. so much so, I already have some little dresses at the house!


vicky - November 16

at the very start of my pregnancy i swore that i was havin a boy and didnt even look at girls names! then i compared myself to how my mum carried me and my brother and was convinced it was a girl, even the midwife said she thought it was! then we went to an ultra sound and it said boy, i was so shocked and i still am two weeks later!


jeanan - November 16

this is my first pregnancy and at first I had no idea weather it was a boy or girl but then when I was around like 12 weeks I started having a feeling that it was a girl and sure enough we are having a girl


Tess - November 16

This is my 1st pregnancy and Ive been having this weird feeling that we're gonna have a girl. But honestly speakin it doesnt matter long as the baby is healthy and normal.


Angie - November 16

I was telling my husband all along, we are having a girl. I was even calling the baby Ally and sure enough its a girl! I just knew. I think moms know.


sparkles - November 16

I'm not finding out what I'm having, but have had a strong feeling my whole pregnancy that I'm having a boy. Funny thing is that before I got pregnant, I wanted a girl so much and now out of the blue, I just really want a boy. No pun intended!


Jennifer - November 16

Hi Kris, I had a strong feeling that my baby was a boy and I was right. This is my first baby so I did not have a preference as to what s_x the baby was because I want one of each, but around 8 weeks into my pregnancy I just knew! I would even become annoyed when people would call the baby she or say they thought the baby was a girl. I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks and they confirmed that he was a boy, but I was a little unsure, I mean those pictures just aren't very clear to me. I had another ultrasound at 32 weeks and there is no question! He turned his little bum right up to the screen and it was sooooo obvious. I heard or read somewhere that mother's intuition is correct 80% of the time.


Lisa - November 16

I had wanted a girl so bad for my first pregnancy; that I was dreaming of a little girl and everything. I was so sure I was a girl, and when I finally found out at 16 weeks that I was having a girl I was so happy the smile never left my face for days and days. I am still hyped!


G - November 16

My M-I-L just knew that hubby was a girl. Guess her instincts were wrong...


me - November 16

I really don't have an instinct on this one. Doesn't really matter to myself or my bf either. Just want a healthy baby... not just saying that!


Melody - November 17

My intuition was completely off...I thought for sure that I was having a girl. Then, about a week ago, I had a dream that my mother told me that I was having a boy. When I had the u/s done, I knew the doc was going to say boy. 80% sure that it's a boy, but I have no doubt it's a boy. I would say don't underestimate your dreams.


to Melody - November 17

Now that you mention it, I had a dream maybe about a month ago that I had a six-year-old girl. It'd be wild if baby winds up being a girl! Dreams are pretty potent fortune-tellers sometimes.


Tess - November 17

Before I got pregnant I had a dream that I was takin care of my baby BOY. So now Im not sure if its really true or what. My instincts tells me its a girl though. I guess we just have to find out on my next u/s appt.



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