Mothers Instinct

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gina94124 - May 12

h__lo everyone...i'am 19 weeks today & i go in on wed. for my "20 week scan" to determine babys s_x!! yaaay! for some reason i have this gut feeling that its a boy & my B.f says its a girl. how many mommies have had their first instict be right??


HeatherIsHopeful - May 13

my hubby and I both just 'knew' our baby was a girl... we went in for our 20 week U/S and sure enough shes a girl :)


ejmeskan - May 13

my hubby and I were the only two that thought we were having a boy. Everyone had all of the wives tales to prove different and we were right. We didn't find out at the U/S but on the day he was born!!! Fun!


stefkay - May 13

I've read that statistics say mom's instinct is right 70% of the time which is higher than any other predicition (50%) so "go with your gut" :) I felt girl for me and yup, she's a girl!


FrancesM - May 13

My husband and I both felt boy and we were right. Good luck!


softbreeze200 - May 13

my gut instinct rigth off the bat was a girl and u/s says girl! I say trust your instincts!!


Patience2008 - May 13

With my first I thought it was a boy and it was. With this one I was sure girl but now I think boy based on a quick u/s. Real u/s is friday so we'll find out then!


gabby509 - May 13

Wow I must have bad motherly instincts, haha. I was sure it was a girl, had dreams about what she would look like and everything. But guess what, I was wrong. We are having a little boy, due June 7th. My fiance on the other hand was sure it was a boy, so maybe he should be the one carrying the next one, haha.


mjvdec01 - May 13

I was right both times. My first was a girl and I knew, and this one is a boy and I just had a feeling.


amanda17 - May 13

I'm with Gabby, I thought I was having a boy, but turns out I'm having a girl!


gina94124 - May 13

LoL!! omg. i go in tomorrow to find out! im sooo anxious!! i have always had dreams about it being a boy (just like gabby509) i had dream of how it looks & everything! lol. we will find out tomorrow keep you guys posted!! 8D


CatsMommy - May 14

I had dreams with my first one it was going to be a boy - down to the hair/eye color. Everyone said... oh, you're having a boy! My hubby and I were both convinced we were having a boy - oh no, we found at 20w it was a girl. So... I'm 18w3d with this one and if you could believe it, I had a dream this one is going to be a girl! So, does that mean the opposite - LOL? I wonder if this one is a boy?? I guess I'm with Gabby, I must have no motherly insticts. We'll see what the u/s says at my 20w appt. How fun... I know it's a 50/50 chance of having either s_x, but it's a whole lot of fun trying to figure it out : )


beka81 - May 14

There are so many old wives tales, chinese calendars, etc out there its really hard not to play into it- lol. This is my first pregnancy and for some reason I feel it is a boy. But then I have had such BAD nausea and sickness- i mean i'm in my 4th month and STILL throwing up- they say that means a girl. Just curious- has anyone else had bad morning sickness and had a boy??


gabbysally - May 14

well well, I was 100% convinced I was having a boy, NOPE! I almost didn't believe the tech when she told us it was a girl. it took a couple days for us to get used to it b/c we were so convinced we were having James, not Casey :)


la__s1000 - May 14

Yes, Beka. My first pregnancy was a boy and I was sick for 5 months. It seems to get better with each pregnancy, as this one I was only sick a few weeks. Although fatigue seems to be worse each time (probably because I am older and running around with my other kids). Congratulations!


homeworkwithheather - May 14

I'm with beka81....I am 18 weeks and still have awful m/s....and everyone and their mother says..."oh you must be having a girl" but who knows...I have friends who were so sick with boys....but I am also wondering everyone's experiences on the board...I will find out in 2 days...but I am still curious...


CatsMommy - May 14

My first pregnacy was a girl - no m/s. I did gain a ton of weight (55 lbs) Everything about me changed - including the size of my nose and acne till about 6 months! They say "girls take away the mother's beauty". Well, this little girl sucked everything out of me : ) With this pregnacy still no m/s, but no acne and I haven't gained as much weight this far along as I did with my daughter. Nose is still intact - whew! We find out what we're having at our 20w appt - I'm so anxious to find out what we're having. I wonder if the m/s has anything to do with the s_x, since i didn't have any with either pregnancy.



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