Moustizers Acne Creams And Facial Scrubs To Use

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goldfish - December 22

What do you guys use as pregancy safe moustizers ,scrubs and acne cream .


grow_up - December 22

What you want to try to avoid is anything with retinol. Salicylic acid is debatable, simply because in it's oral forn (asprin) it can cause problems with bleeding in the third trimester. Your body will absorb little of the salacylic acid applied topically and most facial products contain 2% of this active ingredient. Benzoyl peroxide seems more widely accepted. There have been no studies done, but there has never been a report of benzoyl peroxide related problems during pregnancy. Something that IS deffinately considered safe is glycolic acid, which can do wonders for your skin. Sounds harsh, but it will help keep your skin clear, balance it's ph levels, reduce oil, and help moisturize your face. I reccomend a product called pimple eraser, it's about 9.99 a bottle and should last you a couple months. It has a spongetip applicator and is really easy to use. For scrubs, I just tried the neutrogena microdermabrasion pads. Face wash I use a really gently one called purpose. Everyday moisturizer, I like aveeno positively radiant. You should be able to find all that stuff at a drug store or bigger chain store like walmart.


xvkx - December 23

First, you want to cleanse your skin (twice a day, morning and night preferably). I really like St. Ives blemish fighting Apricot Cleanser, when my acne was mega problematic earlier in my pregnancy this was the only thing that worked for clearing it up, oddly enough. It has .5% salicylic acid in it, so it's a lot less prone to drying out your skin compared to other acne treatment products (I absolutely cannot use benzoyl peroxide as it makes my skin so dry it peels and gets raw). You must excuse me, I don't really go for the whole salicylic acid being harmful for your skin just because in it's oral form it's asprin - were that true a LOT of things we use on our skin would be harmful. But I understand why others would want to take the extra precaution. :) You'll also want to exfoliate your skin with some form of facial scrub (once a day). For that I use (again, lol) St. Ives Apricot Scrub for sensitive skin. It's nice and gentle and that's why I like it. I've tried other scrubs but they've all either been too harsh or barely did their job. You will also want to moisturize your skin, and how often you do this will be up for you to experiment with. They advise twice daily after every cleansing but when you're having issues with acne sometimes you want to leave one of those out if you're using a gentle and non-drying cleanser. One thing is for sure though - NEVER go without a moisturizer with sunblock during the day. If you must skip an application, skip it at night. What kind of moisturizer you use will need to be played around with as well, as some are heavier than others and it really depends on how much of a boost your skin needs after a cleansing. Neutragena Healthy Skin lotion with SPF15 works really well for me, but isn't for everyone as it's an alpha-hydroxy lotion. Ooh, just as a forewarning, if you have sensitive skin that can't deal with alpha-hydroxy products, watch out for Neutragena. A LOT of the stuff they put out is alpha-hydroxy. And do NOT mix two or more alpha-hydroxy products - you'll end up with sore skin in no time. :( Unfortunately I don't have any cream suggestions as the above regime has kept me in the clear. I could suggest something but it would be from when I was a teenager, lol.


sashasmama - December 23

I take 81 mg of baby aspirin daily, thanks to it I'm still pregnant.


grow_up - December 23

I posted what should be avoided and what is considered ok based on medical information, not my personal opinion on the matter.


xvkx - December 23

*nods* Understood, grow_up, and it was an excellent post. :)



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