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MM - June 6

Hello, I'm about 17 weeks, 2 days & I think I felt the baby a couple of times last night while I was sitting at the computer. This is my first so I'm not sure if it actually was baby or not. Can someone please describe what it should feel like? Thanks!


Lilu - June 6

The first couple I felt my baby was it felt as if she was tapping in there. It was a continueous light tap. And sometimes it felt like, you know when you get excited or anxious and you get b___terflies in your belly? Well... it feels like that as well... real quick though. Until they get bigger then you feel their little feet and hands:)


carol23 - June 6

For me, it felt like a twitch. A light little twitch in the abdomen. Ah yes......... the cute little flutter days!!!! Now....... he squirms!! I've started to call him squirmy. I think he's running out of room. I'm almost 28 weeks, so I think i'm gonna have a HUGE baby.


drea - June 6

mine was like a vibration feeling, then it became little taps and now it punches and kicks. I never really had the b___terfly feeling (at least I dont think I did), but definetly had vibrations. Now my little one kicks and puches all over the place, it's pretty cool. I'm 25 weeks. Good Luck


sophandbob - June 6

I was confused to as it did not feel like the bubbles popping or fluttering that is often written about. At first it felt like ripples - almost like someone ws stronking the inside of my belly. It the progressed to like muscle twitch feeling.


MM - June 6

It is baby then!! It feels to me like a twitch - the bubbles popping is a good description. Thanks guys!!


SuzieQ - June 6

My first movements felt like muscle spasms (small ones) in my lower abdomen. Not like gas exactly - but close.


Taffy - June 7

I never felt the cla__sically described 'flutters' so I was a bit confused. What I felt early on was more like a gentle rubbing sensation. As time went on it became stronger and now I get punched and kicked frequently. I still feel the rubbing now and again and I think its the baby squirming rather than thrashing out her limbs.



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