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Angie - September 26

I am in my 19th week with my third pregnancy. My other 2 kids are 12 & 8 so it has been awhile. I though that I would have felt something by now. I feel a little something here and there but not sure what it is. Any reassurance. . . .


pbj - September 26

I didn't feel anything until my 22nd week, but this is my first pregnancy. Maybe some 2nd time moms have felt it at different times.


Tiffany - September 26

I feel like you do. This is my first pregnancy and I don't think I felt anything until 20.3 weeks and I'm still doubting what I felt. I hate people asking if I've felt him yet.


Dee - September 26

To Angie, Im in my 13 wk with my 4th. My other kids are 10, 7, and 6, so its been a while for me too, I've felt the baby about 4 times within the past week or so. In my lower abdomen and on my left side. It's not that strong, but it feels alot different than gas bubbles.


emmarie - September 28

I too have not felt much (and I wish the little I could feel would happen more so that I could be sure it is the baby) and I am in my 20th week. (First pregnancy.) I am so envious when I hear that people felt sooner. I wish I could feel him/her more often but it just doesn't happen. Hopefully when I have the ultrasound in a few days I will be more rea__sured. But you are not alone. This is my first pregnancy.


Lisa - September 28

I'm 17 weeks and I don't think I've felt it yet, sometimes I think I do but then I'm not sure if it is the baby...or gas bubbles :o( I hate when people ask me and I say I don't think so...I'm not sure. I get some looks from mothers like I'm going to be a bad mom because I can't even feel my baby..


to angie - September 28

my friend is also in her 3rd pregnancy and she just started to feel the baby move at 19 weeks. her kids are 3 and 1 so she is still familiar with the feeling.


Angie - September 29

Thank you guys for putting my mind at ease. I am still feeling a little something but not a whole lot. At this point I am just happy to have a little something! :)


Brandie - September 29

I'm in my 26th week this is my second pregnancy and I have been feeling movement for a while. If you are a second time mommy your suppose to feel it sooner than a first time mommy.



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