Movement And Intensity 23 Weeks

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JoeyMuz - May 19

Hi! Have been feeling movements for a few weeks. First baby, posterior placenta. I am still feeling loads of movements, but they just don't seem to be getting any stronger. In fact sometimes they are really soft. Shouldn't they be getting a lot stronger now? Does it depend a lot on babies position. Or do you think I am just getting used to them? Would appreciate any advice! Thanks.


ThePezChick - May 19

I'm 20 weeks and just started feeling my son a week ago. The movements I feel are soft taps or kicks. I've only had what I would consider one strong kick and, going by what most people have said, it wasn't that hard. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing people's responses.


littlemama1022 - May 19

I am 26w2d and I didn't start feeling strong movements until around 24 weeks or so, I can now feel them on the outside and I can feel it seems to be her whole body pushing outwards at times, they will get stronger by the week.


littlemama1022 - May 19

I also have a posterior placenta by the way. And he/she could be kicking inwards making the movements feel soft.


CKSAN - May 19

My son I felt really early on and ALOT. This time around not much at all. (I'm at 21 weeks) At the 20 week ultrasound it showed the baby facing towards my insides. I think the position really makes a huge difference.


SuzieQ - May 19

I'm almost 21 weeks :) and have been feeling movent for a few weeks now. I'm at the point now where I usually feel 1 or 2 good bouts of movement per day. They last about 2 to 15 mins, where my stomach is squirming and moving around - quite fun actually!


Kim L - May 19

Hi SuzieQ - I feel that you and I are kindred pregnancy spirits. Ha! We always seem to be on the same page as far as pregnancy goes and I think it's so funny! I think you had two miscarriages last year, just like me, I think with this pregnancy when you first heard baby's heartbeat it was 136 bpm, just like me, and now here you are feeling 1-2 good "bouts of movement" per day - which is EXACTLY how I described it to my hubby the other day. :-) I am 20w 1d today, so I think we're close in due date as well. Anyway! Just had to say all that! JOEY: I think that sounds totally normal for your stage of pregnancy and also for where your placenta is lying. I'm sure as the other gals have said that you will continue to feel those soft kicks become gradually stronger in the coming weeks. Not to worry!!!!


sarah jane rogers - June 1

Hey Joey, i am also 23 weeks. And really really want to feel some stronger movement. The doc says i have a low placenta but i have felt little bits of movement from 18weeks. I just want a good strong one to say yup there is my baby. I will wait with you. Keep us posted


SuzieQ - June 2

lol - this is getting kinda creepy KimL! You're right - we are in a parallel universe or something! I hesitate to ask what you're baby names are ;)


lin7604 - June 4

how do you know what your placenta is lying like? I have felt movement for the past week, just soft touches inside, and i am 21w2d.


Betul - June 4

If you had a sonogram around 20 weeks, one of the things that the doctor looks for is the location of the placenta because if it is low lying (mine is too)it could cause difficulties at delivery if it doesn't "move" up before then. I was told that my placenta was low-lying and anterior which was why I wasn't feeling her very much although this is my sixth pregnancy. Past week she has increasingly become very active and strong so I am hoping that is a good sign that my placenta is "moving up" I am currently 22 w 3d.


Kim L - June 5

Ha ha Suzie! Well I'll run the risk and tell you anyway. We like Ben for a boy. And we have about a zillion girl names we're tossing around, but the top picks are Jorja, Mae, Olivia, Sofia, and Sydney. How about you?



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