Movement On One Side

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kendall - October 9

I am 21 weeks today and I have been feeling my baby for about 2 weeks but it's only on the left side. anyone else?


Erin - October 9

mine is on the left sometimes and on the right sometimes, but never in the middle! I guess he/she does somersaults (20 weeks)


Liz - October 9

I am 23 weeks and he is always on the left side too. And really low.


kendall - October 9

is it normal? I feel like I should call my doc or something


cecile - October 10

im 22 weeks and i use to only feel the baby on my right side form 16 weeks but now i can feel it all over good luck


cecile - October 10

i think you are having a boy they seem to be more on the left


autum - October 10

my baby is always kicking on the left side and low. just until recently she has been kicking in a few other spots, but still prefers the left overall and it's a girl


Emy - October 10

Mine seems to do sommersaults other day she was on the left, this morning I felt her on the right. Sometimes I feel it low, other times near my bellyb___ton. As long as she is comfortable to stretch all she wants, I am happy. I know it will get smaller and smaller for her...


Helen - October 10

I'm 24 weeks, and have only ever felt movement either on the left or in the middle. When I went for my 20 week scan, it showed that the Placenta is on the right, so I a__sume baby will stay on the left where there's more room!!


Heather - October 10

I am 14 weeks and only feel my baby on the right, very high. I think its normal, i also think they just "hangout" where ever it is more comfortable, if you are worried call your doctor, better safe than sorry!


K - October 10

Kendall, what you are feeling is completely normal. I am 19 weeks. My little girl stays on the right side and has been there the whole time I have been pregnant (we know that through ultrasounds and the monthly locating of the heartbeat). We had a level II ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and I saw exactly where her hands and feet were (and felt her at the same time because she was really moving during it), and based on where I am feeling things she has pretty much stayed in the same place since then. I know when it is her hands that are moving and when she is kicking her feet now. When our babies get bigger and take up more space we will feel them all over. Your baby has just found a comfortable spot and is staying there for a while, just like mine.


kendall - October 10

thanks for the resposes it eases my mind a litte congrats to all


Beth - October 11

Mine is always on the right side, I'm 25 weeks and when I lay on my back I look really deformed my ob-gyn says it's fine



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