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LINZ - July 11

Hi, just thought I would ask if anyone else is experiencing this??? I am 21wks pregnant with my first, for the past few weeks I have been feeling ALOT of movements. However, this week I have hardly felt anything really - compared to what it was like last week! I am a little concerned about this - has anyone else experienced this and found out something is wrong?! I have my next midwife apt next week, not sure if I should wait until then??.....


christa0120 - July 11

Baby is probably just resting up or kicking a spot that you don't feel. Try drinking a nice cold gla__s of water and lay on your left side...see what you start to feel...


Linda99 - July 11

Hey Linz, don't worry I went through the same thing. I am now 23.3 wks and baby is bomping aroung in there. I think what happened was he kept flipping over and facing my back so I wouldn't feel anything all day except flutters and then he'd flip back and I'd get a couple of kicks in here and there. This week he's been much more active. It's scary, I know, but try not to worry. Your little one is probably kicking your insides instead of your out. If you go an entire day w/o any movement, not even flutters, I would call the dr. But if your getting those flutters now and then I'm sure he/she is fine! Also, I notice a lot of women mention laying on your side, that never works for me, what helps me is sitting almost hunched over so he's kind of squished, then I'll get some good kicks in. Hang in there!


Perl - July 11

Hi Linz, we're in the same boat. Baby movements were very strong last week and very mild to non-existent this week. I'm also in my 21st week. I agree with Linda, I always seem to feel movements when I'm sitting and leaning slightly forward just enough to give my uterus a little squeeze--he always seems to kicks back then. My strongest kick yet was while I was sitting on the sofa with one of my knees close to my chest (I was resting my left elbow on my left knee) and boy was it a hard kick. Try not to freak out too much yet give it a little more time.


LINZ - July 12

Thanks for your help ladies! I know I am probably just overreacting but to go from one extreme to another - just got me a little worried! I will double check that the baby is ok with my midwife next week. Sure it is as I have felt a few light flutters and the routine seems to have changed from being early morning to early evening. Thanks again and good luck to you all! x


Linda99 - July 12

Like I said Linz, as long as your getting those flutters I'm sure he/she is fine, probably just turned around. After having a desperate week of just flutters last week my little guy is kick boxing in there this week. Stay positive!!


venus_in_scorpio - July 12

hey im also 21 weeks and i hear ya the movement seemed more frequent last week. the pregnancy books say the movements probably wont be too "regular" til about 27-28 weeks... plus sometimes if youre active it rocks baby to sleep or you dont notice their movement even when they are moving. good luck :)


Linda99 - July 13

Hey girls, the other thing you should remember is that the baby is still really small, so as the weeks go by even if he/she is turned around you'll be able to feel them moving. I just started "seeing" movement in my belly a couple of days ago. They look like little jiggles, it's fun. I'll be 24 weeks on Saturday. Hang in there another week or two, it'll pick up!



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