Movement Slowing Down At 27 Weeks

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Angiconda - May 30

Hi Ladies I am getting paranoid again in the last day I feel like I havent felt my little guy moving around as much. I am wondering if it is normal for movements to slow down around now. Please help as I am freaking out again....thx


DanielleO - May 31

Hello there, i am 26 weeks right now and I have noticed my little one not moving around as much. Its frustrating...i get worried also. I think its normal for them to slow their movements, but im not entirely sure. Wishing you a happy and healthy baby.


sophandbob - May 31

Babies movements will vary and times when you felt them move might change. My baby has recently changed his sleep patterns and is awake im the morning 1st thing (which I often miss, due to travelling to work and so forth) and in the afternoon. He might wake for a bit in the late evening if I'm lucky! This freaked me out at first when I didn't feel him move at our usual times. But as may wonderful boyf pointed out - we sleep at different times, so why not baby? My mum pointed out that baby is a busy bunny right now, developing and stuff and therefore is gonna be pretty knackered. They sleep for a rediculously long length of time, and when they aren't sleeping, they may not move due to sheer exhuastion - which we do if we were tired. Plus he might just be in an awkward position. When Mine wasn't being very activite my routine scan (I didn't make one on purpose cos I was worried) showed he was lying on his belly and kicks were aimed at my back. There are things you can do to encourage movement; playing music (although nothing melodical as this will lull them to sleep!!), taking a bath, drinking ice cold water with ice in it. rolling from side to side. So long as you are feeling some movements thats good, they say that you should be able to count 10 movements. Baby does slow down a lot later on, usually after 34 weeks, due to lack of room to move - maybe your baby is experiencing this earlier? Of course, you can check this out with your dr to put your mind at rest, which I would advise you do. If you are anything like me, nothing I hear stops me worrying about my baby unless it is from a proffessional.


Lilu - May 31

Hey Angi... go to your doc! Whenever you feel as if movement has slowed, call your doc and go in and they will monitor your baby. It's better to be safe and they won't think your a nut. They will do a non stress test to make sure baby is all okay:)


Angiconda - May 31

Thanks so much, I went to the doctor this morning and they did a non stress test and everything is fine of course when I was there I felt him moving. But like you said Lilu better safe the sorry.


Lilu - June 1

That's great to read!



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