Moving To 3rd Trimester Board

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evae777 - October 9

anyone coming over to the 3rd tri board with me soon?


Happymommy - October 9

I have a long way to go--I'm only 18 weeks, but congratulations! Getting to the third tri is a huge milestone!


kristyn1028 - October 9

I am! Im 27 weeks this it will be soon!! Im sooo excited! How far along are you?


tracielee - October 9

hi there, i'm 27 weeks today. i can't believe we are finally in the "home stretch"! i still don't know if we're having a boy or girl... hopefully in my u/s tomorrow we will be able to finally tell!


melluvsmik - October 9

when does third tri start?


tracielee - October 9

it starts somewhere between the 27th and 28th week, i think. i've searched online but can't get a clear answer as there are a few different ways to calculate it. i just figure that if within a few days or weeks, whats the difference anyway? how far along are you?


kaitlin - October 10

I'm heading over this week as well. I'm 27 weeks this Saturday. I already feel like I've been in the 3rd trimester for a couple of weeks, size-wise, so I have been over there on an off lately as well.


sahm2alaj - October 10

I am 26 weeks on Saturday so I will be seeing u over at the 3rd tm board soon!!! :) How exciting! I don't know if it's just me, but so far this pregnancy has flown!!!


Anathi - October 10

Hi ladies I' 24,4 searching for 25 am really looking forward to 3rd ti hence I'm already having vivid dreams like last night I dremt as if I was at the hospital and already dying of contractions whislt last weekend was in the nesting feeling washing allthe bedding and sorting clothes for my baby.


Anathi - October 10

The worst part is not knowing what s_x of the baby is and now am prepared to keep it as asuprise.. Otherwise the belly is huge and its hard to pick something down/


evae777 - October 10

i am 27 weeks soon. nervous about the 3rd tri board, i went over there and they are talking about going into labor. i haven't even taken my birthing cla__ses yet. i feel like such an amateur!


Anathi - October 12

Same here but next week will be starting and so scaredand congrats for making it to 3rd tri "home stretch"


cfuller - October 12

i'll be over in the third trimester group in 2 weeks. I go over now sometimes though just to read up on the others. i'm cheating by going now lol but i don't care


RITA786 - October 15

WOW! Pretty amazing!!!!!! i am 26 weeks and its my first i been told its a boy but havent confirmed with 2nd ultrasound yet. hope it is because did to much shopping to be exchanging. lol... wow......3rd trimester around the corner. i still remember thoes days that i was trying to get pregnant for 3 years and infertility treatments and all (hardest part of it ever) and look now just a few months away from due date..Since i am a january mommy!


evae777 - October 15

there is a january mommies thread on the 3rd tri board. join us!! congratulations!


pomny143 - October 15

I'm only 14 weeks, but wanted to say GOOD LUCK MOMMIES! The second trimester moms will miss you!



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