Musky Down There

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Beth - November 20

Well it seems that my croch smell has become more powerful. Its not fish but it does have a odor, like musky. I can smell it when i sit down to go pee, My discharge is fine, clear and doesnt burn or anything. Is this a sign of something bad or normal? I asked my bf about it and to take a wiff and he said im fine that he can notice anything, I know there is a change I know my own body any similar stories out there?


Karen - November 20

I am experiencing the same thing. Its quite powerful at times. I don't think its an infection because I recently had my blood taken as well as an urine sample and everything was fine. I am wondering if the change in hormones has anything to do with our odour. I know when I was on the depo provera shot - my scent was definitely different and certainly improved (in my opinion) after going off the shot and returning to regular birth control pills. I'm too shy to ask my hubby - its not like I want to point out to him that I "stink" - haha. I now regularly use huggies after each washroom use - just to feel like I'm doing something to combat the increased odor. Not sure if this helps you with your situation - I feel better knowing I may not be alone...


Lisa - November 20

It's because of your might find your perfume might even smell a bit different on you right now because of it. Your body chemistry has changed a bit and your own personal smell will as well, it's normal and nothing to worry about.


Dia - November 20

Me too! Everytime I sit down to go to the bathroom I notice a very strong smell. DH says he can't smell it...or he is lying!! :) But, I know my sense of smell rivals that of a bloodhound!! Good luck ladies!!


Kelli - November 20

I have been having the same thing, and I would have never even had the guts to put it up here. I knew it wasn't an infection but I did notice something different than usual everytime I sit down to pee. I would NEVER think to ask my boyfriend to smell though, you ladies are brave :) It is good to know there are others out there though.


Tess - November 21

I have the same situation too from time to time specially when I go to the bathroom n take a pee.......its a funny smell so what I usually do prior to becoming pregnant I have this feminine wipes that I bought from Target its called Plytex wipes.......It really does help alot. And you can just stick in your purse and bring it I always have extra panty liners in my purse just to be in safe side. :)


mls - November 21

I know that my discharge got a lot thicker but when I noticed a strong odor coming from down there (I'm not talking about a fish smell either) I went to the doctor and found out I had a bacterial infection. the only way they can tell is with a pap. I also felt burning when I peed down there, so just becuase you're having a strong odor don't start worrying. if you are getting uncomfortable down there with an odor. go see your doctor.


Shawna E. - November 21

I noticed this muskiness too, some days more than others. I wondered if it was the smell of my urine, since I only smelled it when peeing, but it could be from the vulva. Since I have no other signs of infection, I have a__sumed it is a hormonal change.



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