My 20 Wk Ultrasound Pic

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krista-lee - January 20

okay well i got my picture today, and i got the results that everything is working fine, heart is beating 150 bpm, everything is in place fine and the placenta is fine. but for some reason the picture kind looks weird to me.. im not sure why, like i think its amazing cause its my baby, but i just dont get why i look at it and i think something is wrong, anyone else see it? the pic is here: just let me know honestly what you think/see. thanks


ricanmami - January 20

Hey for some reason I'm not able to view your pic.. It brings me to the photobucket site but it is giving me an error message


to krista-lee - January 20

Ricanmami - just take out the '-' between b1 and 73 then it comes up fine. Krista-Lee, I'm sure the technician or the doctor would have said something if they saw anything looking wrong. For amateurs it's so hard to tell - but if they feel confident then I think that's what counts!! Why don't you take your pic to your doc next time and ask him/her about it? I'm sure everything is fine.


krista-lee - January 20

sorry about that, tehr shouldnt be a dash between the b1 and 71, so it should be albums/b173/xkrista-lee .... also! my doc told me a different due date, i was told may 26th at first, and the ultrasound said around june 2nd, do i have to go by the second date?


ShellyC - January 20

That happened to me, too. Take the dash out between b1 & 73. Krista-lee...the pic. is kind of small so it is hard for me to tell anything. If they said everything is fine then I'm sure it is! If you are unsure, maybe you can ask your doctor about it and he/she can explain things to you.


krista-lee - January 20

to "to krista-lee" thanks for replying :) its just for some reason like the neck looks toolong, and theres like white stuff on its face i dunno if its bone or what =( sorry for all the questions, this is my first pregnancy and im only 16 so im not 100% sure whats going on, thanks =)


To Krista-Lee - January 20

What is it that you see wrong? I think the baby looks great. Is it the small chin which is worrying you with the upper jaw over it? Remember dear, it's only 20 weeks old, things do change and do take it's proper size and proportions. Plus if the technicians said everything is great, then great. And I believe yes you do need to go by the second due date. Best of luck to you.


ricanmami - January 20

Krista-Lee the pic looks fine to me.... i dont see anything wrong... and if they said everything looks good I would not be worried smile and relax your having a baby :0)


krista-lee - January 20

to "to krista-lee" and "ricanmami" the technician, or the person who did the ultrasound never said a thing during the exam, she was just looking at the screen and typing things and then she said we were done, she didnt even show me the parts or anythign thats why im worried. but thanks for replying =) i cant wait till i have it


Trina - January 20

I've tried taking out the -...but i still can't get it to come up


Trina - January 20

Got it! Looks good to me too!


Tess - January 21

krista-lee~ cute pix of your baby.


mamali - February 14

s_x what


Emily - February 14

krista lee, it looks a lto like all the u/s pics I have ever seen of mine or of my sisters or whatnot. The doc would tell you if something was wrong. Also since it is just a pic of what the sound waves are bouncing off of, it will look kindafunny. the bones are the really white stuff and the grey is tissue, like oragns and such. It is really hard for us to grasp sometimes, but I wouldn't worry too nmuch. Also your original date the doc gave you comes from the last day of your period, and for most woman they conceive about two weeks after that, but you could have concieve beofre or after that time, so it is just an estimate. The seocnd due date our tech gave you was what the baby is messuring based an the average size of a baby. Yours maybe smaller or larger than average so that date is just a guess too. Basically you are due the end of may, or bgining of June. I know it isn't really scientific, but that is how it is done. I got two diff dates with my first and then with this one I have had more than that. my original date was the 26, then the u/s at 8 weeks said the 24 and then the u/s at 20 weeks said the 21 of june, so it is kinda a shot in the dark, since every one is differnet and all babuies delevope differently.. Good luck and I am sure everythign is fine. It is natural to be worried....


to krista-lee - February 20

the sonographer, by law, cannot tell you anything all the results would be given to your doctor and discussed with you at your next visit, if there was a problem they would have called you and made a follow up appointment, so if you haven't heard from them, then everything is fine, although it is a little odd that the sonographer did nopt tell what parts were what, they may have just been too busy



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