My Babies Heartbeat Is 153 Wat Does That Indicate

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ann - April 11

my babies heartbeat is 153 wat does that indicate is it a gal or a boy?


N - April 11

I think boy. But if you are reaaly curious, check out the Chinese birth chart.


tara - April 11

apperently this is just an old wives tale. All this indicates is that your baby is healthy :o)


tara - April 11

I forgot to mention that the tale goes if it's above 140 it's a girl and if it's below 140 it's a boy.


Sara - April 11

Determining your babys s_x by the heartbeat is not very reliable. My babys heartbeat was 184 when I was 9 weeks, then 160,154,140,and now 160. The U/S tech said we are having a boy but I thought that it was a girl before I even had my 2nd u/s because the heartrate was high, but I guess it's not really that accurate =)


heather - April 12

to be completely honest it just indicates its alive in there!.. heartrate isnt very reliable..


tara - April 12

Here is where this oldwives tale came from... A baby's heart rate is not affected by its s_x until it is born, when a girl's heart rate will increase considerably compared with boys during labor. Since a while back they didn’t have the means to listen to the hb in the womb the a__sumption was since a girl’s hb is higher during labor and right after birth that it must be so in the womb as well. But science has proven this not to be so true. :o)


Misty - April 12

How neat to know that. Thanks Tara. I always find it interesting to figure out where these things came from.


tara - April 12

Your welcome! I like to find the origin of things and I happen to stumble up on this one.


**** - April 13

Ann, the chinese birth chart was wrong for me all 4 times. Also I have 4 girls & their heartbeats were always 150 to 160 something. Never below 150 but I do know women who have had girls & their heartbeats be under 150.


monica - April 13

my baby's heartbeat is between 150-155 and I am having a boy.


kathy - April 16

I have 2 girls,preg with my third first girl was 160,my second didnt no what she was her rate always stayed in the 150,this pregnancy had two ultra sound done differnt places and they said a boy and this boy rate is 140-142.happy mom(boy)


Nick - April 16

I am having a boy. At 9 weeks the heartbeat was at 180, 13 weeks-172, 17 weeks-154 and at 20 weeks 148.


Babydoc - May 12

That's normal. Don't worry.


Heather - May 12

that the baby has a heart.. the rate means nothing! my litle girl has been anywhere from 143 to 160.


Karen - May 12

It indicates that your baby is healthy, nothing more.


melissa - May 19

my babies heart beat is 153 also and i am having a boy



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