My Belly APPEARED Within Hours

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cassandra c. - May 31

Whoa..... I usually consider myself pretty observant--especially about my ever-growing pregnant body. Well holy c__p I just stepped out of the shower and I looked down and I swear my belly doubled in size since the last time I looked at it. It slopes downward comes out a couple inches below my belly button then circles itself back in! Granted I wasn't doing my usual "sucking it in" but whoa........!!! btw I am 15.5 weeks! Am I crazy?


Jen - May 31

No I know exactly what you mean. It seems like every time I look down im like WOW i got bigger!!! And I know it's not just me even my husband notices.


Cher - May 31

That is how mine has been too - it seemed like I woke up one morning and I looked "pregnant" - cool!! And it has not stopped growing:)


Lynn - June 1

I am 14 weeks and I just noticed it the other day. I cam home from work & went to change & caught a side view of myself in the mirror & siad holy c___p! Called my husband into the bedroom to have a look & he said "You Popped!". Now It seem like every day it is getting a little bit bigger - or my clothes are getting a little smaller:)


ca__sandra c. - June 1

yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one! It feels so good . i love being pregnant


Cher - June 1

I love being pregnant too - I actually saw a family member today that I hadn't seen in a few weeks and she was shocked at how pregnant I now look:) It's fun when people actually notice that your pregnant, not!!!


D - June 2

My shirts that fit last week... don't. at all. I am suddenly looking very pregnant too! I guess its a whole lot better than I was looking before, which was a little fatter...


Heidi - June 2

Reality hit for me last night at Target in the dressing room. I couldn't believe how pregnant I looked!!!! My belly was bulging out and my b___bs, oh god, they were huge and just hanging there. I could see veins everywhere too! I got out of there quick! I hate those dressing room mirrors. All I could see was cellulite! I went and bought "D" size bras afterwards. They looked like they were falling out of my "B" size bra. LOL! My fiance had a good laugh in that isle.


Jennifer - June 3

I can definantly relate! about two days ago I woke up, got undressed for my shower and WOW! there it was. I am 12 weeks and I know it's a little early, but I am not supermodel thin. I wonder if it's because I didn't have a flat stomach before. I love it though! My hubby and I went walking last night and he kept looking at my belly and smiling.


jess - June 3

that hit me at about 18 weeks....i swear pants that fit one daay 2b days later i ccouldnt vevn THINK about zipping up!!!! now at 20 weeks i fel smaller...but i think its actually cause i am used to it.......still surprises mr whn i look in the mirror..its like...'hey theres a pregnant lady looking at me'.....oh! thats me!!


meg - June 5

i'm totally in the same boat! i'm just getting bigger & bigger - but also i've just "let it go" - no more sucking in. but does it happen to anybody else when you do "suck in" alot of the pregnant belly goes away?


cara - June 5

Hello Ladies & congratulations to all of you. I am starting my 18th week and just this weekend I really popped! I mean I have a belly. my stomach wasn't flat before but now it is firm and feels like a protective coating-it's strange but exciting. I haven't felt any movement but I don't know what to expect! Anyone else just pop? Is 18 weeks too early? Good luck to you all!


Ca__sie - June 6

I'm at 13 weeks and just bought my first maternity clothes. I just couldn't zip up my regular pants any longer. I have to admit that the maternity pants make me look a lot bigger because they allow my belly to hang out. I'm still waiting for it to get firm though.



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