My Belly And My Baby Shower

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ladybug - February 28

Hi girls, I'm currently 23 wks I'll be 24 wks this sunday and you cant even tell im pregnant. I'm heavy already but dang whats going on?? The doc says he is doing fine and he moves all the time so I know he's ok. My shower will be May 13th which is 10 weeks from this sat the 4th. I'm afraid I'm still not going to be showing by then and I'm going to feel so stupid. Before I got preg I just knew I was going to be huge! I guess I was wrong. Does anyone else have this problem? I can wear maternity tops and get by with looking preg, but I still dont have the preg belly. I'm starting to wonder what is going on. I've never seen this happen to anyone I know. I just know I'm gonna look the same at my shower and how dumb am I gonna feel. Everyones gonna want to touch my belly and I'm gonna be like uhh thats just fat. :( I hate this. I feel like I'm depriving myself in some way b/c I was big before I got preg now I dont even look it and my pregnancy is almost over! Can anyone give me some good thoughts pls. I'm driving my self crazy. It took us a long time to get preg and now I cant even enjoy my preg belly b/c I dont have one!


Deb - February 28

Don't worry, in 10 weeks you will pop out. Some women just take longer than others. Give it a bit of time, you won't look stupid. Besides, your shower is to celebrate the baby, not to criticize what you look like!


livdea - February 28 are being way too hard on yourself! I don't have a real pregnant belly either...I'm about two weeks behind you. And in 2.5'll have a belly and then be reading this thread, laughing...saying "what was I thinking!" With your pregnancy almost over or not, you are a beautiful pregnant, soon to be momma! Embrace your baby and don't worry about your body right now...big or not, you're pregnant with a healthy baby!!! That's all that matters! YAY BABY!!!


ladybug - February 28

thanks girls that made me feel a lot better :) and i know its not really about being preg its about the baby and i cant wait until he gets here! thank you so much again


Been There - February 28

Why would you allow yourself to feel stupid? You can't control how your body grows. Everyone will know you're there because your obviously not just looking to store up baby items for nothing. Just relax, enjoy being pregnant and don't worry about how you look. Besides, maybe you don't look pregnant to yourself, but you probably do look pregnant to everyone else. You're just used to seeing yourself, but they'll see it even more than you think. Stop beating yourself up and have fun at your shower.


Amanda R - February 28

I'm 27 weeks and I really didn't start to "pop" out until I was like 20 weeks. Be grateful for a tiny belly!!! When mine finally started growing it felt like all my abdominal muscles were shredding! Like livdea will eventually get that preggo belly-- hang in there! When you do pop out I swear it will happen like overnight. One day you won't have much and then BAM! Even the folks that see you every day will tell you how much bigger you belly has gotten. Enjoy your shower girlie...hope you get lots of neat and useful things!!


Trina - February 28

I'm 29 weeks...and just starting showing 3 weeks ago...give it time....and in 10'll be wishing you were a little smaller...haha


Diane - March 2

Ladybug you are the first woman I have heard that thinks and feels the exact same way I do even down to the whole not looking pregnant enough for the shower LOL!! My shower is april 1st I am due june 2nd, I am like 26/27 wks and was a plus sized girl before so now I feel like if someone touches my belly it is just fat hehe I even asked my midwife if what I am showing is fat or uterus, she said uterus it is just hard to believe. Anyhow just wanted to tell you your not alone funny I thought I to you later



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