My Belly Size And Baby Movement

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toyahusseini - October 6

I am five weeks pregnant and i feel my belly is too small, i also dont feel the baby move, should i be worried


SarahBethT - October 6

Dont be worried at all. You have plenty of time to grow. Its actually common to lose weight. If you are only 5 weeks you shouldnt feel the baby move at all. It is far too small for you to feel. I believe most people start to feel kicking and movement about 16-20 weeks


babyinmybelly - October 6

i am 19 weeks and just started showing (probably only to myself) and still have felt no movement. your first pregnancy things tend to happen slower


sahara - October 7

at 5 weeks your baby's arms and legs haven't even grown far enough to move inside of you, i'm 18 weeks right now and mine won't stop moving, be patient when you least expect it your belly is going to be really big, i just started to show, everyone notices now, so just be patient and it will all come to you in due like how you already know your pregnant at such an early stage its going to seem a lot longer, than if you had found out later on


CourtneyHope - October 7

You're baby is the size of a sesame seed right now. I am almost 17 weeks and just starting to show. Your uterus is still small enough to be tucked behind your pubic bone, so there shouldn't be any way that you are showing. I found out when I was 4 weeks along and it seems like it took an eternity from then to now. Congrats. You should be focusing on eating better and exercising rather than how big you are getting. Take this time to relax and get used to the idea of being a future mom. Have you had a chance to get to the dr yet? You should atleast call them so that they can confirm with a blood test and check your levels. They will also want to get you started on pre-natal vitamins too. Let us know how you are doing! Also, I know when I first found out so early, there were a lot of people in the First Trimester message board that were in the same place as me. Good Luck and Congrats again!!



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