My Boob Is Humming

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flower.momma - July 13

OK, this is my second pregnancy, and I am 20 weeks along. Today my left br___t kept having this humming feeling. I didn't experience this with my first. What's the deal? It feels kind of like when your foot falls asleep, although not nearly as uncomfortable.


sahmof3 - July 13

OMG- I'm SOO SORRRY, but I'm LMAO. When I read the t_tle of your post, I thought it was actually making a humming NOISE. SORRY. Seriously, though, I'm guessing it has something to do with your b___sts preparing for milk to come in. I had this in my second pregnancy. At the time I thought it was weird, because it felt similar to the letdown I felt while b___stfeeding #1. I was actually a little worried, but everything turned out fine!! Good luck with your baby!!


AmyB - July 13

my only explanation would be the increased blood flow through the b___st?!


sleeplessinseattle - July 19

I feel that too, in both b___st though at the same time, then it just goes away. It is the weirdest feeling. I'm sooo glad someone else has it because I thought it was so weird and knew for sure no one would know what I was talking about if I described it. Instead of "humming" mine feels like they're freezing up or something weird like that. Like something is taking over them.


flower.momma - July 19

Yeah, I told my midwife about it and she looked at me like I had five heads, then I had to explain that it wasn't actually making any noise, it was more of a buzzing feeling. She just put her hand on her chest and siad "thank God, I thought you were going crazy." It was hilarious, but she said it was totally normal.


sleeplessinseattle - July 20

What's so normal about it? Because it makes me really uncomfortable when it happens. Is it just because our b___st are growing or what?


flower.momma - July 20

I guess, they also might be starting to make colostrum, she said.



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