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gabby509 - December 20

This may sound a little silly but when the heck am I gonna start getting a rounded out bump instead of this fat bloated belly look? My belly is definitely bigger than it was pre-preggo, but it just looks fat! I am 16 weeks along with baby #1 so I do understand that you show later usually when it's the first baby, but I'm getting impatient. LOL! I keep looking at these pregnant belly pics online and see these girls that are like 10 weeks, and they have a perfectly rounded out belly, mine just looks like rolly polly. Can everyone just tell me when they started getting the sounded bump, so maybe it will help me feel better!


gabby509 - December 20

oops I meant Rounded bump!


HeatherIsHopeful - December 20

lol I understand Gabby... Im almost 15 weeks and have a fat belly thing instead of nice rounded belly.. it is frustrating and I also look at pics online and get upset when girls so much further behind me look so cute and pregnant.. =/ we'll get there eventually I suppose.


Rachel29 - December 20

I'm also 16 weeks, and it's funny because when I tell people I'm pregnant and ask if they can tell, they say "not really." I also look in the mirror, and don't think I look much more than just fat. Now in pictures that's another thing. My belly does look pregnant! I'm not really sure how that works...maybe I'm just stiking it way out there or something. I wouldn't worry though. As long as you have heard the heartbeat and everything, I'm sure things are ok!


Faye84 - December 21

I dont think I really started to get a good round belly until I was about 25 weeks or so, that was with my first daughter. I am 12 weeks now and Im already starting to get it.


Cevvin - December 21

its gonna take some time. if you feel uncomfortable get one of those t-shrits that says "Im not fat, Im pregnant! take the time that you still have with your body, because its soon gonna be taken away and the baby claims it as his own.


EricaG - December 21

Oh it all depends... your prepregnancy weight, your body type, which # pregnancy, how much weight you've gained, etc. all influenve it. Everybody is different and even every pregnancy is different. You'll get there eventually, it's hard waiting though, I know. My biggest difference was between 15 and 25 weeks with my daughter. At 15 weeks you couldn't tell I was bregnant and at 25 weeks I had an obvious basketball belly.


sarah21 - December 22

I didn't get a "rounded" bump until about 24 weeks. It was all down low and stuff and looked funny. But it'll even out eventually.


pomny143 - December 22

I know what you mean. With my first I didn't show until the sixth month. Up until then I just kinda looked chubby. Don't worry, it will happen soon. And when it does, you'll want to turn back to the 16th week. Trust me. LOL


ms. optimistik - December 27

not to burst your bubble or anything....I am 13 weeks with my 3rd child and everyone thinks I am 5 or 6 months....I have been showing since 10 you think it is twins??? Is that really a sign? Or do you think it is just cuz it is my 3rd child?


cors1wfe - December 29

ms. optimistik - I am pregnant with my 3rd also and started showing at 10 weeks - I look like I am 5 or 6 months already compared to my first and second for that matter. I have started out heavier this time around and have gained less than 5 pounds. I am sure it's because I hadn't lost all the weight from baby number 2. I can't wait to have an ultrasound to make sure there is only one in there - it's kind of scary how my belly has grown so quickly.


ms. optimistik - December 29

thanks cors1wfe. I went to doc today and she said I am measuring big, but isn't going to do the u/s til 20 weeks. Twins run in my husbands family, and I wouldn't have even thought about it if the doc didn't make a crack about it....but today she told me that since I had a csection that the scar tissue pushes up my uterus. It is driving me nuts about the possiblity of twins. Like you I just gained 2 pounds in the the first 3 months. I hope all is well for you and your baby!!!!


racheal_5581 - January 1

HI, this is my 3rd pregnancy and I am 19 weeks 5 days and I just look chubby as well. I am ready for the rounded out belly so I would quit looking like I am fat! LOL! I was thin to start out with, so my family notices that I look chubby now. It's really annoying! Everyone shows different with everypregnancy though. I didn't really start showing until about my 6th month with my first two, but I am sure this one will pop out sooner, beings it's my third. CONGRATS to everyone on their pregnancies!


cors1wfe - January 1

ms. optimistik --I am pretty sure we are just showing more quickly but I'll let you know on the 3rd after my Doctor's appointment. Could you imagine? What a trip it would be to discover twins ??? Twins run on my side so if it skips a generation I am in trouble! I have to say that is my biggest anxiety being this is my 3rd baby. I am not losing sleep over it though whatever will be will be - in the meantime I enjoy flaunting my belly! You should too...LOL


ms. optimistik - January 1

Hey will have to let me know about the appt. My doc told me she is going to wait til I am 20 wks to do u/s. I am going to call and tell her I am having major anxiety wondering and hopefully she will do one then!!! She found the heartbeat and said it was perfect and then stopped:( Good luck at yours!!!


cors1wfe - January 1

ms. optimistik don't worry I will be shouting the resuts of my first appointment from the rooftops - I know they did an ultrasound last time at my first appointment but only because Doc thought it might be ectopic but all was well - I read someone else say they were told at 14 weeks it might be a girl but they weren't overly confident until 20 weeks so if they tell me the gender I won't be too excited until 20 weeks since a little girl at 14 weeks can always turn into a boy



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