My Doc Told No Problem With My Cat But Im Sill Afraid

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jj - December 30

Does any one have cat at home? I don't know if I can trust my blood test or not. I am now in 21 week and the cats are used to going to the garden and me myself do not take them in arms etc. My doc told me that it is safe to have them but I am worring if I did some thing wrong. Do you have pets at home too?


Kara - December 30

I am 26 weeks pregnant and i have an inside cat. The doctor told me it was perfectly safe as long as someone else changes the litter box....good luck!


Heidi - December 30

I have 2 cats myself. This is going to be my second baby. I just don't change the kitty litter.


lilmama - January 1

I also have 2 cats and there is nothing to worry about as long as you do not come in contact with the litter box. Just enjoy your cats and stop worrying! You dont have to stay away from them at all. A lot of cats will love to cuddle with your tummy as they can sense something going on in there. My cat was constantly curled around my big pregnant belly with my first and she loved it.


jj - January 2

How funny! thanks a lot you all to ease my mind. Wish the best for all in 2005!


eyebeeablessing2u - January 2

If you have had cats before you got pregnant then you have already been exposed to the virus that they may carry if they have eaten raw meat. if they are kept indoors and always have been then chances are you aren't positive for it. I have 3 cats and one dog. The cats are indoor cats and have been their whole life. One is 18 , another is 6 and the other is just 1. I am not worried as I have had them prior to being pregnant anyway. And I haven't been changing the litter cause the smell makes me... well you know... GAG......


Nicole - January 16

You want to stay away from the cats feces in the garden or the litter box. So be careful if you are doing any gardening and do let some one else change the litter box through the entire pregnancy.


Beth - January 19

I have 3 cats and the doctor said it was fine as long as I didn't change the litter or wore gloves while gardening (my cats go outside). One of my cats loves to sleep on my belly - too cute.



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