My Feet Hurt

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Heidi - May 12

Okay either it's from the extra 17 lbs I gained or it's a normal part of pregnancy. I'm 17 wks today. My feet hurt! I used to be able to walk and be on my feet all day if need be but lately they get sore real fast and then I get charlie horses in my arches at night. Even sitting here at work I can feel them wanting to cramp up but can't cus I have my shoes on. Also, the tops of my feet hurt like my shoes are tied to tight so I'll loosen them and they just about fall off. They don't appear to be swollen either. Is this like normal or what?


nm - May 12

My feet hurt all the time too! I changed shoes and they feel alot better.


Amara - May 12

Heidi... maybe it's the extra weight... I gained quit a bit, and my feet, knees and hips hurt so badly...


Beth - May 12

My feet don't hurt but my b___t does. it is weird, after sitting at a job all day the last thing I want to do is go home and sit down because my b___t hurts, and I don't know if it is from extra weight or what. And I get charlie horses in my calves every night and it hurts so bad.


Heidi - May 13

Well I bought new shoes but these were more feet friendly for work. My other ones had the big chunky heels on them so I just bought some black sketchers instead and now my feet hurt. I sit at work too so I don't know what the deal is.


D - May 13

The shift in our balance can change the pressures on the feet and cause things like plantar fasciitis - which after enough irritation, causes heel pain, arch pain and heel spurs. I was unfortunate enough to develop plantar fasciitis a few years ago... It got so bad last summer that I could hardly walk. So I went to a podiatrist. Turns out I do have heel spurs now (sharp edged calcium deposits in my heels). After they finally got my feet molded correctly and special inserts for my shoes made, my pain had completely disappeared. This last week, I've started to get some soreness again. I think its because of the way my body has shifted its weight, so the pressures on the plantar fascia are different. (in the link: no hyphens "-" but there are two underscores "_")


Heidi - May 13

That's true. I can definately tell my weight has shifted and I wondered if that was causing the pain also. Thanks for the info! I'll try to put some insoles in my shoes or something.


Jbear - May 15

Your ligaments all over your body loosen up a little bit while you're pregnant. It's fairly common to gain half a shoe size with each pregnancy. That could be why your feet hurt. (I hope mine don't get any bigger or I'll be ordering shoes from the drag queen catalogs!)


Maleficent - May 15

i had to go up a shoe size and use those gel incerts in my shoes. they STILL HURT if i do too much walking. i spent 5 hours at a carnival yesterday with my kids and i'm still exahusted and sore all over.


Sarah - May 20

I am 27 weeks pregnant and my feet hurt so bad! I am mostly at a desk the whole day - I can go home after work - make dinner, do a little around the house for a couple of hours and my feet hurt so bad I can hardly make it to bed. They are not swollen. I have gained about 22 pounds. Maybe my body is not used to the extra weight. I have 3 more months to go. Hope I can walk until then! Any tips?


Beth - May 20

I have a job where I sit on my fat but all day so my b___t hurts extremely bad, I don't even want to sit when I gt home, but yes standing or walking for along time makes my feet hurt so bad too!



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