My Little Kicker

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Mary - June 19

I am sure I am creating a soccer player or a riverdancer inside of me! I am now 21 weeks and can finally feel my little one move around very clearly. He keeps moving and moving and kicking and doing his thing every hour or more often. I love him, I am sooooo in love with him. He will be my first, and I do not even know if he is a she yet! All I know is that he is a dancer and a mover and a kicker and little brat already!


Sarah - June 19

Lol, how cute! I cannot wait to feel my baby kicking! I am very excited just to feel little bubbles (not gas bubbles) inside my belly, more less than real kicks!!!! I am in my 15th week now.


Mary Jane - June 19

I am eighteen weeks/three days. I also feel a lot of bubbles. Mary, did you start feeling bubbles at first? What was it like before you felt real kicks? Thanks!


Mary - June 19

Mary Jane, at first I started feeling something that was slightly different (slightly only) from gas, cramps and from anything else. This was at 18 weeks or so. I continued this way until my 20th week. Then in the middle of that week (a week and a half ago) the feeling started to get a bit stronger, so then I was sure what I was feeling was the baby. A couple of days ago I started feeling the same feeling but with a bang! A sudden onset of the same feeling but much stronger. Now they feel like kicks, they are sudden and strong and they come in multiples wih seconds or minutes in between. What I felt at first was never bubbly or fluttery it was more like gas but not really and I felt it low in my belly, close to my bladder. So the feelings were a bit more evident when I had a full bladder. It was hard for me to make sure those feelings where actually the baby, but once they get stronger than you now that it was the baby all along! wait 12 -14 more days or so and you will know, too! Congratulations and it is an amazing feeling to have a kicker inside!


hb - June 20

hi mary! I too have a little soccer player in there. I am 18weeks and felt my first little flutter at 17weeks. the past few days the baby has been busy. I really got a laugh out of your comments because i too, call my little one a brat! The kicking has finally made it all real for me. I can't wait to find out the s_x of the baby. I go in on the 30th. good luck.


J - June 20

My neice was the exact same way with my sister. And she is the exact same way two years later, she is a crazy little thing. It's funny, I can't wait to find out the s_x and feel it moving. I am 16 weeks so not too much longer!!!



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