My Mom Thinks I Am Crazy

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ry - October 14

My mom thinks i'm crazy bc i worry about things that i think are important like taking too much tylenol, eating certain foods, taking hot baths, stressing over whether or not to take the afb test, etc. I guess 25 years these things were not such an issue. But looking now they pretty much did what they wanted and we all turned out fine. I wonder if I do stress too much.........................


to ry - October 14

Hey I get the same thing from my mom, MIL, and coworkers....Actually from just about anyone that was preg. before it was scary to be preg! They are all shocked that I won't drink coffee, eat deli meat, etc. My boss even couldn't believe I wouldn't have a beer at dinner one night out! BUT if there is just a chance of harm why not take 9 months out of your life to skip it! I know coffee probally won't harm my baby (as my mom drank a pot w/ me everyday and I am fine) but it also won't harm me to not have it for 9 months! Don't stress about stressing!!


ry - October 14

lol, you are right!! contrary to what others may think is fine or not i choose to be on the safeside! (i'll make up for it when my baby is born!!-just kidding)


Ashley - October 14

ry, my mominlaw is kind of the same way. she's like, "we did all that 25 years ago" and everything went fine. personally, I think that 25 years ago there might have been less mercury in shellfish!! lol. try not to stress, but being informed isn't a bad thing. I am learning all kinds of stuff, like, eating ice cream and drinking whole milk in the last trimester just adds baby fat to the baby, whereas my MIL had 10 lb babies because all she craved is ice cream!! :) I just try to be nice . . . and keep learning!


Christi - October 14

LOL... mom/boyfriend said the same things to me. I think its that motherly instinct kicking in. If people knew then what we knew now... i guarantee they would have done things differently themselves. I quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and drinking sodas and coffee as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I know many people who tell me they smoked throughout their pregnancy... they drank caffine.... etc... but I feel guilty doing that. I dont want to be able to blame myself if anything goes wrong...I want a healthy baby. I dont think youre crazy... I am right there with ya!!! LOL


Beth - October 14

I wrote the to ry from above! Anyways I think I am in trouble Ashley cuz all I crave is ice cream!! But yeah ry I too will make up for it when baby is born! I can't wait to have a latte and a big gla__s of Fat Tire Ale YUM YUM! But yeah I think its always better to be safe then sorry.



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