My Size Hope U All Reassure Me

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Shona - April 22

I am 25 weeks pregnant (6 mnths) and I'm really paranoid about how small I am. Everyone ALWAYS comments about "How small I am" and "How I dont look 6 mnths". I getting really paranoid!!!! I must admit I look a lot less than 6 mnths. I'm going for my growth scan next Wednesday. Hope any of you can reassure me. I'm I supposed to be a certain size when I'm 6 mnths (huge etc...)


Eire - April 22

Hi Shona.... I am only 16 weeks so can't comment what you should be at 25 weeks but I reckon you shouldn't compare yourself to others or to books etc... as long as you and your doctor are happy with your progress, then forget about your fact I'd be delighted to be small at six months! just think how much easier it'll be to get back into shape after! Anyhow I think a lot of the growth happens in the last 3 months ..... just remember that everyone differs... my friend is 11 weeks pregnant and she is much bigger than me even though I'm 5 weeks ahead.... as I said... just go by what your doctor says and not what people are saying..


Leahp - April 22

Hi Shona!! I know exactly how you feel, I'm tired of people making comments to me as well!! I'm still awfully tiny for four and half months and people always ask if I've asked the doc if it's normal, blah blah!!! But have been told by a ma__sage therapist that I have a very large sacrum, (your lowest back bone) and that I may carry my babied deeper in my pelvis, plus my doc has checked my uterus and says it's very normal and is growing great, that's all I need to hear!! No worries!


Shona - April 22

Thanks for your help Eire /Leahp - feel better. Good Luck to you both too. Thanks again - VERY much appreciated!!


PP - April 22

Shona I think you are fine but you will know after the scan. I am 27 weeks and No one can even tell I am pregnant. I was a size 20 beofre and I am a size 22 now but no belly. I can still wear most of my clothes and I have major belly envy.


Shona - April 22

Hi pp - I must admit my trousers are tight so I tend to wear sporty pants instead. I only look about 3-4 mnths pregnant. You and I must be holding it well pp!! Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


Amy - April 22

Hi Shona, don't worry, as long as you and the baby are getting the nutrition that you both need, you should be ok. I am 16 weeks with my second child. In my first pregnancy, I wore my size 6 jeans until I was about 6 and a half months pregnant. And my baby was just fine. I was so sick in the beginning of my pregnancy that I couldn't eat. I only gained 16 pounds. And my baby was a healthy weight when she was born. So as long as you are eating, you should be fine. Don't worry, thats the worst thing to do. Just relax and eat normally and I'm sure the both of you will be fine. Everyone is different, I don't think that there is a normal size. Good luck!


Shona - April 23

Hi Amy - thanks for replying. Everyone has been great and I feel rea__sured again. I'm eating fine. Baby still kicking away!! Thanks Amy x


ni ni - April 23

you should be fine especially if this is your first.iknow that with my first daughter i didn't show untill i was 7 months and i mean i only had a little pouch,but believe me you should be alright


Shona - April 24

Hi ni ni - Thanks for your imput. My mum was saying I'll probably just get big all of a sudden in my last couple of months. I'm just a born worrier!! Going for a growth scan on Wed so I'll know for sure then. Thanks again x



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