My Thighs Are Rubbing Together

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kaitlin - September 26

I don't know if I've suddenly gained lots of weight or something, but over the past couple of days, my thighs have started to rub together when I walk. Has this suddenly happened to anyone else? Is it because the baby is higher now? I feel fat enough, already, didn't need this on top of everything else!


sarah21 - September 26

My thighs have always rubbed together, even in my skinny days (I say skinny, but I was 5'10" tall and 155 pounds, so skinny for me; my ribs poked out farther than my b___bs). A lot of women gain weight in their thighs, b___t, and belly. If you're planning on b___stfeeding, though, it'll burn some calories and help take the weight back off. I know for me, I walk like an old woman because my hip kind of catches on the left and hurts. Pregnancy does some weird stuff!


Happymommy - September 26

Yeah, pregnancy does a number on our poor bodies! :) But Sarah is exactly right when she said that b___stfeeding will help take off the weight. I gained about 45 lbs with my first and a whopping 50 with my second! But I b___stfed a year and ended up 10lbs less and a size smaller than pre-pregnancy. So try not to despair! I know it is depressing--I am 16 weeks and I have already gained around 15 lbs! Sad!!!


sarah21 - September 26

I am 14 weeks and proud to say I have only gained 2.5 pounds. Yay for me! And I also lost 5 pounds in the first trimester, so I am still doing good.


LindaE - September 26

I recently noticed this too. I am 25 wks. My legs don't seem any bigger. I can still wear my old jeans and pants with the bella band, they fit fine in the thighs but for some reason when I wear skirts they are rubbing together- very uncomfortable. good thing summers almost over.


KRISTINA - September 27

I gained over 100 pounds with my 1st and was back to a size 3 six months after i had him. I wanted to b___st feed because apparently it burns oodles of calories, but for some reason It wasnt working for me. I have already gained a lot of weight with this one too, I just hope it doesnt get as bad as last time. But point can loose whatever you gain, even if you dont b___stfeed, if you just put your mind to it :)


lissica - September 27

Hi kaitlin, my thighs never used to touch when i walked. Then sometime at the beginning of the 2nd trimester i just one day noticed them touching and was mortified!!! It really was a depressing moment lol. So anyways i'm now 38.4wks and can't remember what it feels like not to have them touch. Hopefully our bodies will go back to normal afterwards. :)


kaitlin - September 27

Well, good to know it isn't just me! I gained over 60 lbs with my ds, so I know what you all mean. And to be honest, I b___stfed for a year and during that year, the pounds flew off, without any exercise really or any dieting. It was great! I just don't remember "suddenly" feeling my thighs rubbing together at any time during my 1st pregnancy. I was carrying a little bigger up front, I think. I'm on track with my first pregnancy weight gain (which really isn't a good thing) but it seems to be sitting differently. It is more noticeable to me when I wear a skirt, so good thing fall is almost upon us. I'm also 25 weeks, Linda E, and I've gained 22 pounds already. Not good. I eat TONS of salads and generally very healthy foods. It's just so annoying that our bodies have to get so big, but I guess it's all worth it in the end!


sahm2alaj - September 28

I have gained almost 20 lbs and i am on week 24 now. Obviously my belly and b___bs have increased (especially my b___bs!) But 20 lbs seems like sooo much! I don't know where all this weight is?! I don't feel fat and i get comments on how small my belly is, so what's with the 20 lbs?!! KRISTINA~ i totally agree with ur comment about being able to lose the weight if u bf or not. I was back to pre pregnancy weight within 3 months of having both of my children and i never bf. I ate right and went to the gym religiously (once my dr gave me the okay). It all depends on the person. bf does not guarantee weight loss.


sarah21 - September 28

No b___stfeeding isn't a sure fix for weight loss, but it burns so many calories it has to help.



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