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Ddvinson3 - May 16

Hey does anyone have an account with myspace. It's kind of like piczo. I have one so if anyone else does just leave me a message and I'll talk to you all very soon!


divinelibra - May 16

YES MAM! i started a myspace post about a month ago. but it kinda disapeared. i LOVE myspace and glad you started it again! here's my link........ i also started making a webpage for my unborn baby boy, i'll stick the link here just for the hell of it!..........


preggosauce - May 17

I DO I DO! I love myspace as well!! There is a pic of my ultrasound I had at 16wks. under my photos...Here's the link...


Karen_Fletcher - May 17

hi, i tried to send you a message from mine, but it was being stupid!! mine is my front picture is ith my dog Tinsel, i got her the week before i found out i was pregnant, she was a late Christmas present!! lol i think i have a 12week ultrasound pic on there, i will try and get the others up there too


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Yeah I'm so excited!


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Hey y'alls pages are so cute! I would ask a friend request on y'all but when I'm at work I can't so I'll have to do it when I get home! Y'all better say yes!!!!!!!!!!! LOL But hey Karen it said your page had been deleated or something. I don't know what's wrong with it!


Rebekah B - May 17

Just a little warning. Be careful what information you put on myspace. There are many people out there who prey on myspace. My neice had way too much info on her site. She posted her name, place of business, town, and mentioned that she was a stay at home mom...of course there were pics of her and her kids. Info like that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I am sure that you are all careful, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to double check your space to make certain there is not to Much info available. Just cuz I care :-)


HannahBaby - May 17

your totally right rebecka there have been a few arrests in my town that have been related to myspace. I had a site but was getting unwanted emails from people from my old highschool.


Karen_Fletcher - May 17 take out any dashes!! i gave it to you wrong!!! sorry :oS


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Yeah I've never had any trouble on there I only talk to people I know so no one really bothers me. So far....but my sister in law has had trouble with threatening comments and such so she set hers to private and only people that are her "friends" can view her page. But I've heard of stuff on the news where people threaten to kill people and always get in trouble. I think it's funny because people do read that kind of stuff. But oh well you just have to be careful!



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