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Daynae79 - December 5

Please give me your honest opinion. My husband and i seem to both agree on the name Avery Nicole for our little girl. We also decided we arent going to tell anyone we know her name before she is born, so i would just like some input and as to what you girls think of the name. Please be honest. Thanks!!


mtneyes - December 5

I love it! Very pretty.


Faye84 - December 6

i like the name, very original!


sterlinberlin05 - December 6

I really really like it. It's been really hard for me trying to figure out what to name the baby if it's a girl and I think Avery is now in my top 2! lol And the more I say it out loud the more I like it.


Daynae79 - December 6

Oh good. Glad you girls like it. I feel better So, sterlinberlin05, what is the other name that you like??


cynthia502 - December 6

I love the name! I think it would be a good choice!


krissy - December 6

i like the name avery alot but i also liked the name Ava so i combined them into Avarie. so yeah dont listen if someone tells you its a boy's name(like alot of people have said to me)cuz it is more of a girls name now...hope that helps and congrats on the baby girl!


gabby509 - December 6

I think it sounds great!


Daynae79 - December 6

Oh, i would never think of it as a boys name. Besides, even so, i dont think it matters now a days. So many names are unis_x!!


sha__leigh - December 6

I really like that name! Its very beautiful.


pomny143 - December 6

very cute!


Babycrazy - December 6

I like it a lot also! My little girl due April 19th is going to Avalee, we love Ava but it is so popular we decided to add the middle name to it for Avalee...... Lee is my dad's and I's middle names. I like your name choice Krissy ;)


mgn - December 8

BEAUTIFUL! in fact, i would use that name if we have a girl but my first cousin just had a girl and named her that. :( oh well, lots of other beautiful names out there. best wishes


autumnsmommy - December 8

very pretty. I love the name Avery for either a boy or a girl!



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