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corbin289 - October 18

Hi ladies. I have a question or I guess I'm more looking for everyones opinion. We still wont know what we're having fro 5 more days but if its a girl I love the name Reese but our last name is Raymond. I havent really even been thinking it was a choice because of the RR thing but then I got to thinking of all the people I know with the same initials. So what does everyone think of a girl with the same initials like Reese Raymond?


montie75 - October 18

LOL, Corbin.......I think that would be fine. I mean, what's her middle name going to be?? I really like the name Reese...........


corbin289 - October 18

I havent thought of a middle name yet. I wont start with R though lol *Sadie*


Rainbowbrite - October 18

I think if you put a middle name in there it will flow better for you but i don't think Reese Raymond sounds bad at all... BUT that is just my opinion!!! it actually is a very cute and unique name!


Stephanie_31 - October 18

I think it is cute. You should try to think of a middle name that starts with N like Noel. Then her initials would be RNR! I never tought of initials! I am to busy trying to think of names that don't make the last name Duda (pronounced Doo Dah!) sound as stupid! I can't really have a name that ends in Y cause it reminds me of Zippity DooDah! I think we have it down to Sophia or Keegan. So my girls initials would be SD, which is a type of memory card and my boys would be KD and if you are from Canada like me, that is what EVERYONE calls Kraft Maccaroni and Cheese (Gotta be KD!) I really wouldn't worry about the initials of the name flows well, which it does, go with it.


Happymommy - October 18

Personally, I kind of think it sounds nice when the first letters of the first and last name are the same. It adds a little pizazz to the name. So, like the other ladies have said, I wouldn't worry about the initials. Reese Raymond sounds great!


corbin289 - October 18

Thanks for the input girls. I think I'm starting to like the idea also. I'll have to see what DH thinks tonight. Who knows we might be having a boy and dont have to worry about it. 5 more days and we'll know!! I cant wait!!


sahmof3 - October 23

I think it's cute. The only time I don't like names that start out the same are when they make you tongue-tied (which yours doesn't :-)). My best friend and I used to fight over who would get to name their baby Chance, because we both loved the name. But, my last name is Charles which would have been a real mouthful if we named him Chance LOL. So, she won the name!



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