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jessicadru - May 27

We were almost certain that we were having a boy, so we were coming up with a lot of boy names. Well, the doc told us that we are having a girl. Does anyone have suggestions on girl names?


annie24 - May 27

hi jessicadru,Congratulations on the baby girl. if i have a girl, which is unlikely as there are no girls on the fathers side for over 100years, she will be called Ava, i also like Ellen&Caitlin..My mother in law would love you.... giving her a grand-daughter.she is very vocal on her disappointment every time she gets a grandson but wont believe that is is down to her sons' half of the equation!!!! haha


lexa - May 27

Oh wow annie24! That's funny because we were looking at the name Caitlin also. We just found out we are having a girl (it could change later...they'll recheck). I'm only 21 weeks now. My dh is stuck on "Raine Caitlin". I however liked "Victoria Raine", but everyone said it sounds like a p___n star. blah to them. I am also stuck on the name "Wyatt" for a boy but of course dh doesn't like that one. He said he liked it for a middle name, not the first. My son who is 8 1/2 is named "Darius Alexandre". I like Ava:-) I think looking at and coming up with names is the fun part!


lexa - May 27

Oh my goodness "drea"! Im seeing we have a lot more in common as we keep posting LOL! Buying houses, having girls, names are similar...when will it end, hahaha! My neice is named "Emma Grace". I like it. I love Maya.


annie24 - May 27

my name for a boy is alexander james or james alexander. R u guys in america? im in ireland and my sons name is Cian pronounced key-an, if any of you looking for a good irish/celtic name.


lexa - May 27

Hi annie24. I am from America. Ireland? That sounds gorgeous! If I ever take a trip out of country, that is where I want to go! I'm too chicken to take planes and boats! I love boating in the summer, but only because I can see land on both sides of me! Your sons name is nice! If you have any good irish/celtic names you would like to share, please do. We are not definite yet what we want so our options are still open. Especially for boys! Thank you!


annie24 - May 27

hey lexa, i just spent a year in near portland oregon last year. people say ireland is beautiful but my god i would do anything to stay in america.absolutely was such a culture shock....the people were so nice and friendly and you really know how to cater for kids over there!! ye should be very proud of your country.The other boy name i like is Cillian pronounced kill-e-an(said v. quickly!!) but i will do some research and find some celtic name web sites for you.


lexa - May 27

Thanks annie24. I think we are lucky. But I also think if I were to go to Ireland, I would feel the same as you did when you came here. Do you have any plans to return? By the way, how far along is everyone and is everyone's pregnancies going well for them?


annie24 - May 27

i would go back in a minute if we got the partner works for intel and it was through them we went so the next time an opening comes up for a year transfer we will be almost 15 weeks feeling quite good now the m.s. has stopped. how far along are you and how are you both feeling


annie24 - May 27

i just found a great site its, has pronounciations too so its pretty useful.


lexa - May 27

I am 21 weeks. I am feeling great now. I didn't have any m/s at all really. I would just get a little queasy off an on, but that only lasted a couple of days. It was the tiredness that wore me down. Thanks so much for the website! I am definitely going to go check it out! Do transfers come up pretty often? Maybe the next one will be for the state of Pennsylvania (that's where I am from). Shame you guys couldn't take a permanent position here in the states through intel. Do they maybe have that option available? It just sounds like you like it here so much. So is this everyone's first baby? Jessicadru, did you come up with any names yet?


annie24 - May 28

its very unlikely that we can get a permanent transfer as intel ireland is v v busy.the option to go temp to america comes up every 2 years or so have a bit to wait.glad to hear you did not have m.s. its a pain in the a__s. how are you feeling jessicadru? this is my second (boy is 5and half) and had m.s. with him real bad too.


mandee25 - May 28

Emma Grace- that is the name we chose if our baby is a girl.......


lexa - May 28

mandee25...I really like that name. Talk about coincidence, my sil's name is Mandy too:-) Im really glad she did choose that name (originally she wanted Penelope). This is my second pregnancy. My son is 8 1/2 years old. He will be turning 9 only 2 months after baby is born. I checked out that website annie24 posted and I liked it! I love the shamrock clothes they have in the baby shop also! It was nice to see that Caitlin is on there so I will definitely have to keep that name! Have a safe Memorial Day weekend! Try to keep cool...depending on where everyone lives!


jessicadru - May 28

Wow, Thanks everyone for responding. I feel pretty good. I am just really emotional all the time. I cry over small stuff, but I guess that is normal. The only girl name that I have come up with is Olivia. The minute I heard it I like it. It sounds very beautiful and elegant. I also like the name Caitlin and Katharine. It is fun coming up with names it is just hard to find a place to start. How is everyone else feeling? Any kicking going on. She kicks me after every meal right under my righ rib. Sometimes it is uncomfortable. Oh and yes this is my first!!!!


Newhoneybuns - May 29

i'm also having a girl and gonna name her Dorianne Krystel so if you like either u can take it also :p


lexa - May 29

I love reminds me of Law and Order SVU (my fav show:-) In regards to kicking...I think my little one is getting ready for gymnastics already. I felt this one earlier in my pg than I did with my son! Cute.



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