Names For December Babies

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MC - August 21

My hubby and I have already chosen our name for our baby boy. We've chosen Ryan. He is due December the tenth. What names have others chosen and when are you due? He kicks and moves around a lot. When I drink something ice cold it really gets him moving as well. :)


cc - August 21

I'm due Dec. 24, but my ultrasound was inconclusive on gender. At what week were you ladies able to tell for sure the s_x? Seems that girl names are easier to come up with. I love the name you chose and might even name a baby girl Ryan. It's cute. Last night, 2 am to be exact, I felt major kicks. All in the same spot. I wonder if it was my heart beating extra hard every once in awhile. I feel like I should feel the baby move more since it constantly seems to poke out in different places. Has anyone been able to feel body parts? I could have sworn that I've felt the entire back. So cool.


Jessie V - August 21

I'm due Dec. 9 with a boy. We have decided on Logan for his first name but are still up in the air about his middle name.


Gina - August 21

I am due 12-27-05. I will name my girl, Natalija. I dont know how moms can not feel babies til week 20 or so. Mine has been kicking for 8 weeks. She is moving non stop it seems like.


.... - August 22



Adriana - August 22

i'm due dec. 8th and for a boy we decided on Isaac William and for a girl we have no clue exept we both like mayvisse. but we get an u/s this thursday that should determine our baby's gender. and the only time it really moves is when the dad is not there to feel it. We nick named it big bird because we don't know what it is yet.


Rebecca - August 23

I'm due December 31st with the ultrasound suggesting a girl but the baby kept getting into the most awkward positions that I am not going to pin my hopes on it. For a girl my husband and I like Sophie and for a boy, Noah. Congratulations and good luck to everyone.


Jessica - August 23

I am not due until Jan 8th but wanted to say that my dh and I also chose Ryan for our little boy! I love that name!


Dustie - August 23

I am due Dec. 25th with my first child. We are having a boy and naming him Jackson David, both are family names. We will call him Jack. I haven't felt any kicks yet, possibly some flutters.


lynnstress - August 23

I'm due Dec 9 with our first - we found out at 20 weeks it's a boy! His name will be Jackson Phillip, because hubby wanted J.P.


Alicia - August 24

We are due December 18th, and our baby boy will be Nicholas Alexander. We can't wait for his arrival and only pray that one day he will not try to rule a former soviet country ;)


Amy - August 24

I am due with my first on December 8. It's a boy!!! His name will be Austin Andrew (DH middle name.)


Amanda - August 24

I am due December 26th and we found out yesterday that will be having a little BOY!!!! His name will be Kale Rayman. Kale is just a name my boyfriend picked out and Rayman was his dad's name. If we were having a girl her name would have been Gracyn Caroline. The baby moves alllll the time. I definatly feel kicks and rolls. I love every minute of it!


sarah - August 24

we're due dec. 10, and are still debating over noah benjamin or benjamin noah. everyones been calling baby noah though ever since we found out he was a boy =D


Brandy - August 25

We are having a baby boy due 12/29 and naming him Koby Stephen. He has been extremely active the past week. I swear he is building something down there.


Erin - August 29

We had 2 u/s and at both they said it was a boy!! We are naming him Aidan James. Aidan is really the only name we could agree on, but I love it. We already always refer to him by name. It means "fiery" which makes sense because apparently he is very active. Kicks A LOT since 16 wks.


Bree - August 29

Erin, we are expecting Dec. 28th. I also like Aiden, but my fiancee doesn't care for it. I thought the same thing, it means "firey" which suits my very active sweetheart. Glad you get to use it. The only name we can agree on is Reese, but I don't know????



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