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mandee25 - July 10

Who here plans on having an all natural child birth experience that are going to be first timers? I plan on taking drugs, epidural or gas but I am not positive yet.


SuzieQ - July 10

I'm planning on seeing how things go. If I need drugs, I'll take em. If the labor progresses too quickly and i have a natural, that's fine too. This is my first time, so I'm hoping everything goes well!


olivia - July 10

I recommend keeping an open mind -- both ways :)


sunshyne9 - July 11

I agree with Olivia.... if your in labour and it's bareable then why take drugs.. but if your in soo much pain that you feel like death.. then take some lol When I had my daughter I was in labour from 7:30am and had her at 11:36pm.. hard labour for about 10 hours and I went without drugs. Until the end when she wasn't coming and had to use forceps. so I had to get a spinal.. The pain was bad but it wasn't too bad lol You just have to wait and see how you do and cope.. good luck


HannahBaby - July 11

I had drugs with my daugther (will never get a needle in the back and hospital doesnt offer gas) and it was terrible. I was puking and dizzy until the drugs wore off. I wont do that again. Im going to attempt natural, as long as i dont need pitocin again


alley24 - July 11

I had a epidural with all three and I am doing it again. BEST DRUG. I never had a problem and as soon as I got it because i relaxed and my kids came with in 2 hours. I had short labors.It is your choice and it is how high your pain threash hold is. my sucks.


MM - July 11

This is my first & I am hoping for a natural child birth - but if the pain becomes unbearable I will have an epidural. I have a very high pain tolerance but I'll see how it goes!


Perl - July 11

My friend wanted to try natural but during labor she started feeling so much pain that she asked for the epidural. There was a big lag time from the time she requested it to the time that they actually gave it to her and it started to take effect. She was not happy that she waited as long as she did but that's just one experience.


NURSEJ - July 12

i am going for the epidural my mom said her labor was like being in hell with me and my brother, so i am not going to take an chances. epidural sounds good to me.


srigles - July 12

I'm going to try natural until I feel I can't handle it. I have a high threshold for pain, but also a tendency to panic, so I want the option for an epidural left wide open.... :) I'd like labour to be as "enjoyable" as possible, so I'm totally open to the concept.... I've heard a lot of people say an epidural is the way to go, so I guess we'll just see how it goes.


frankschick2001 - July 12

I fully plan on having the epidural.


Taffy - July 12

I'm not keen on the idea of having a needle that close to my spine but I'm willing if I really need it. A good friend of mine regretted having an epidural with her first. She didn't even consider seeing how it went and she now feels that she missed out because she didn't feel anything and lost the urge to push. She has to be coached in the end. She had pain killers with her second rather than an epi and had a better experience. I plan on seeing how it goes and not ruling anything out.


whitewolfe - July 12

Hi all... I had drugs with my first labor and I found that they dont actually work... cept the epi that is and i freaked out at the thought of that.. I was very close to having it but paniced and the anethatist was nasty so I threw her out... I was OFF MY FACE.. I can hardly remember what was going on.. I had visitors on that same day after the birth and I was just all over the place... slurring and falling asleep on them... It wasnt a pleasant experience at all... I was determined that with my second labor that I was going to go natural... We used homeopathy remedies with I have no Idea if they actually worked but It was like I was having something so I think it was more of a placebo than anything... I had a hard fast labor with my second (i was induced) bub was born after 2 1/2 hours completely drug free... was fantastic... sure it hurt and right near the end I REALLY wanted something for the pain but it was way to late by then and after a few minutes it pa__sed and I was pushing... I was buzzing after he was born.. I felt like i could run a marathon... my natural endorffins kicked on in and was great... I highly reccommend to anyone on a natural birth... I will be doing it all over again in a few months... so I hope that i have a positive experience this time around as well.



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