Natural Gender Selection Is A Crock

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florinna - March 12

Well, just want to report that gender selection didn't work for me! It's not that I was TRYING to choose a gender, but I knew exactly when I conceived and according to the Shettles method (described in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility) I realized after the fact it would most likely have been a girl because it was early in my fertile phase (several days before ovulation). So I guess I got my hopes up and really really hoped it was a girl. Found on on Friday it's a boy, and I know it's horrible but I have to admit I'm disappointed! I almost wish I hadn't found out, because I know once I hold him in my arms I'll be in love and there will be no room for disappointment. But it's been a tough weekend. I'm coming around though.


ginger6363 - March 12

I'm sorry, florinna. Do you already have a boy(s)? I did some reasearch on the Shettles method and, for the most part, a lot of experts say it is inaccurate. I am kinda hoping for a girl bd-ed 2 days before ovulation, but I will be happy with either s_x. :)


florinna - March 12

No, this is my first baby, so hopefully next time we'll get a girl. :) Will you find out?


jen327 - March 12

I too tried for a girl too, and we are having a boy. At first I was disappointed too. This is my second and I wanted a girl, but now I am so excited about a boy. I love the clothes and am thrilled to death. But I did go through gender disappointment for about 4 days. I found out it is REALLY common to go through this and it is really important to talk about it and not deny your feelings. And what I realized was I was not "disappointed" for my son that I am having. I was disappointed I was not going to have all those girly dreams I had been dying for. I had not really planned or hoped for a boy so it was hard to let go of everything I had dreamed of. Once I got over that, I fell in love with the fact I am having a son. And now my mom asked me if I found out it was a girl would I be happy, I realized I would be devestated. But it has been 3 weeks since we found out and I am totally 100% excited over a son! Good luck, and please use this opportunity to talk about it and be honest with your feelings. If you don't you could face ppd (post pardem depression) my friend suffered from gender disappointment when the baby was born, and she suffered PPD for a few weeks and she feels if she had found out it was a boy sooner she would not have been sad when he was born, but he is 1 now and she is so excited she had a boy, and is not trying again, but wants anotehr boy now :) Go figure.


Mommy1 - March 12

I as well was convinced I was having a girl and I was told last week that it's a boy. I too felt that disappointment, but quickly got over it. Just as long as my baby is healthy that's all that matters.


Marie6549 - March 13

I too found out friday I am having a boy, my second and EVERYONE was convinced I was having a girl, even DS and DH. To be honest I really thought I would feel some disappointment if it was another boy, but you know what? I didn't, I cried and am so over the moon to be having another son! I just feel so very thankful that he is healthy and that I am having another baby. It was such a long road for us to have this baby after 4 years ttc and I think of all those women out there that can't get pregnant and it breaks my heart. I just think that hopefully we will be blessed with another baby in the future and if it's a girl, then she will have plenty of big brothers to look out for her! Honestly boys are sooo loving I couldn't imagine having a girl. I have lots of nieces and they are sooo loud, their high pitched squeels and shrills drive me mad, but I guess you get used to it and if they were mine you would love them just as much xx Congratulations!!


MNMOM - March 13

Florinna: We also tried this method for a girl. we are having our second son and I was also very frustrated and disappointed. I am still getting over it. In the end I believe it is always a 50/50 chance and it is God's plan anyway. Not sure if I will have a third. Just know that what you are feeling is normal and many of us have gone through these mixed emotions!


florinna - March 13

Thanks all. I'm starting to feel excited about having a sweet boy now, I know he'll be so much fun. Still hope to give him a sister some day though!


jen327 - March 13

THis is funny because my best friend is pregnant with their 3rd girl and she really wanted a boy. But she said God gave her girls because she is so patient with them and they are so loud and sa__sy. I realized then GOd gave me boys because I would go crazy with a sa__sy, backtalking girl :) I know not all are like that but it made me feel good to think I was meant to raise boys :)


kimberly - March 14

I am in my third pregnancy and want a girl really bad. I have 2 boys now and a step son. I am not sure how I am going to feel if I find out this is a boy too. I now I will love him but this will be my last baby and I will also be very sad at first that i will never have a daughter. I wanted my first to be a girl and my second now I just realy wish this one will be. I was in an unfotunate accident when I was 6 and lost my leg, b/c of that I kind of missed out on being a little girl and I just have always wanted to see my daughter gro up and be able to do all the little girl things I didn't get to do, anyway I am rambling!


MNMOM - March 15

kimberly - when do you find out?? How many weeks are you?


kimberly - March 15

MNMOM, I am 16 weeks right now. I am due Aug. 26th. I won't find out until about 22 or 23 weeks b/c my Dr. isn't scheduling my next ultarsound until then, I am not sure why I have to wait but that is what he told me at my appointment this last Monday. I am so fustrated about that b/c I found out my last was a boy at 19 weeks.


MNMOM - March 15

Hang in there! It will be here before you know it :) Let us know when you find out! I am 25 weeks now and had to wait for my ultrasound until 20.5 weeks, I know how long it can seem. I have to say, I thought I was doing better at accepting that I am having another boy, but I had another ultrasound yesterday and I just didn't feel much excitement about seeing him in there. I know this will change when I meet him at delivery, but right now I think I am still grieving a little.


kimberly - March 15

I will let you know when I finally find out. Boys are wonderful too I am sure you will be happy just as I know eventually I would be too. My two boys even with a 4 1/2 yea age difference are wonderful friends and I love watching them play together and love it when they say brotherly things to each other. It truely is great!


Megan P - March 15

I am convinced I am having a girl because my acupunturist told me it's a girl and so did an NMT specialist (they work on engery and stuff). I'm not normally a 100% follower of alternative medicine, but their diagnoses have just made it sink in that it's a girl. I really don't care either way, I won't be dissapointed. If it turns out to be a boy it'll be kind of exciting because I think it's a girl! This is my first and I am 15 weeks almost. Anyone else have acupunturist opinions?



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