Navel Protrude Starts At What Week

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Martha2007 - February 28

h__lo all, I want to know more about preg changes in the body. When will the Navel starts protruding (If it is the right word to use)? At what month generally? Will it stick outside for everyone or it varies from woman to woman? Please share your experience?


c_baer19 - February 28

As far as I know, it happens to everyone, but maybe not. I'm only 19 weeks, and mine has been slowly popping out for weeks and is just about popped out, I think. I think it also depends on how big you get and how early you get that big.


Kime - February 28

It usually starts around 5 moths. Im 22 weeks and mine is flat but it doesn't pop out. I had a inny though and my navel is also pierced. I would say once you hit about 18-19 weeks b/c thats when your uterus is pretty much even with your navel. Hope that helps!


jodie - February 28

Mine didn't pop out last time. I guess I have a pretty deep belly b___ton. It is deffinately shallow now but I doubt it will pop out this time. I think it just varies on what kind of belly b___ton you start out


ophelia73 - February 28

I am 25 weeks, and mine hasn't popped out. It isn't as deep as normal, and I notice a surgical scar that is normally at the very top of the inside is outside now, but it hasn't actually popped or flattened. I think everyone is different.


aliciavr6 - February 28

Mine is about level with my stomach now (at 25w) but hasn't ( and I don't think will) pop out.


aaaaaaaaaa - February 28

God I hope mine doesnt pop out. I'm 30w and its WAY shallower, but still slightly inny. My fingers are crossed that it stays that way


suze42 - February 28

I have a way deep inny too, so by the end its just flat.


kelley - February 28

Martha I am at 17w3d in pregnancy #3 and I have not ever had mine pop... but I guess that I may have a deep belly b___ton. I became flat but it never stuck out. I am getting bigger much faster this time, so maybe I will get it to pop this time... hard to say, but I think that it will vary just like everything else about pregnancy... there are never 2 the same. Hope that was helpful! :)


c_baer19 - February 28

Ahh, see, I didn't have a super deep innie, mine is an innie, but has a little bump inside so it's like, and innie/outtie. Haha =) I hope it doesn't pop out fully, though. =(


Martha2007 - February 28

Thanks to everyone. Mine belly b___ton is also deep. So I think it won't pop out much. Can't wait to see my belly to get bigger. I am 18w4days today and it is not showing much. I am worried if everything is going ok. I will know on March 9th. I am checking with doppler once in a while and HB is heard. Thanks


squished - February 28

I started with a pretty shallow innie and now at almost 20w it's pretty even with my stomach by the end of the day. I don't know if I have much belly b___ton to pop out though....I guess that I'll find out!


excited2bemama - February 28

Mine is partially popped out and I am 26 weeks. I noticed it start to pop out a little around 23 weeks I think.


lovestruckjsw - February 28

I'm 15 weeks and I've noticed mine is getting shallow. I'm not sure if it will pop, but I've never been able to see the bottom of it before! lol I don't even look pregnant yet, but it is definitely not as deep as it used to be.


jessicaspatherapist - February 28

i'm 18.5 weeks and my belly b___ton seems to be getting wider and a bit more shallow, if it pops it pops, but i don't think it it does we'll know he's done!


Shannon - March 2

with my first baby it never happened. it doesn't happen to everyone. my belly b___ton felt sore and got more shallow but never popped.



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