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jessica - August 31

I was told today that I have low lying placenta at 21 weeks. My doc said it isn't quite placenta previa yet but could go either way. It could move up on it's own or become placenta previa and I would require a c section. Anyone else have this? I was told to avoid s_x for the whole second trimester which is a bummer because my hormones are raging but now I wonder what else I need to do to take better care of myself. I am terrified of losing my baby and could use some words of encouragement. The good news is that I was leaking a little and was afraid it was amniotic fluid but it's just my kid tap dancing on my bladder so I feel better about that. Any advice?


Ca__sie - August 31

I really don't have any advice for you since I don't have any experience with this, but I just wanted to say to be strong and try not to worry too much. Just do all you can to take care of yourself and leave the rest in God's hands.


Tanyav - August 31

I know your worried but try not to be. I heard this happens in a lot of cases and the placenta moves up on it's own after 30wks. If in some case that it doesn't move up women have been able to carry to term or at least close to it and delivered via c-section successfully. I would do as much research on placenta previa as you can so you can be prepared. Did your doc put you on bed rest?


dani - August 31

Jessica, I was diagnosed at 16 weeks with a complete previa. My dr says not to worry because it's very typical to fine this early on in your pregnancy. If your not put on bed rest then I'm sure everything is going well for you. Have you had any cramping or bleeding? I haven't and have been doing everything I did before, like, exercising, working and etc....I have another ultrasound at 26 weeks to see if it's moved any. Right now I'm almost 23 weeks.


Jessica - August 31

Thanks for your replies. I have not been put on bed rest and luckily have had no bleeding in my pregnancy yet( knock on wood) I am hoping that my placenta moves up a little and that this is no big deal. I had the u/s done at 18 weeks so I know I had it pretty early.


dani - August 31

Jessica, keep me updated on what's going on. Hope all goes well with you and I'm sure it will. We just need to hang in there, hope that it migrates up.


Jessica - September 1

Thanks dani. Let me know what happens at your 26 week u/s. My doctor isn't having me have another u/s until 32 weeks. Take care of yourself!


Idaho - September 1

I have a similar condition, but my doctor did label mine as PP, I am now 22 wks. Said it hasnt moved since my first ultra sound and she seemed concerned, but I havent had any bleeding or "problems", she told me ot keep an eye out, and that due to this I'd have to come in once a month for an u/s to watch it. My mom... also had placenta previa, but it moved most the way, still a little in the way, and were about to do c-section on her with my brother... but she "talked" him through it, and before they knew it, my brother was out, ... doctor caught him just in time. *laughs*. MOMMY POWER. =o) Just be careful... and listen to your body! I go in next Thurs. for my next ultra sound.


dani - September 1

Jessica, I will keep you updated. What's your initial of your last name so I can find you again on this forum?


Jessica A. - September 1

My initial is Jessica A. I talked to a friend who also is low lying placenta (she is 3 weeks ahead of me) and her doc didn't put her on any restrictions. I just get nervous because I have a 6 month old boy at home who weighs 20 lbs and I am afraid that of picking him up too much but how can you resist? Keep me posted


dani - September 1

Jessica, you know what, I picked up a 15pnd boy at a party last week and I got so scared. I'm not sure of the restritions as far as that goes too. I would like to know, though. Thanks for your inital. I will keep you posted!!



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