Need Help Desperate Dizziness Can T Stand It

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falafal0 - February 27

I need any help or advice you can give me ladies. I am 15 weeks into my fourth pregnancy. With each pregnancy I have experienced low blood pressure and subsequently, dizziness to various extremes. However, with this pregnancy, from the third week, I have been experiencing dizziness. It has gotten so bad, that I have fainted twice, and can barely stand most days. I have to stop three or four times to walk my kids to school and we live across the road! It interferes with absolutely everything in my life, especially while having three other kids to care for and a husband who has a stressful and high pressured job. He is taking alot on at home as well, and I have had to rely on other at times too (very difficult for me to accept but I have no choice sometimes). I am going to the drs for my second appt today and also to get the results of my blood work. I am desparetly hoping that I am only low in something so I can pop a vitamin pill to try to ease it. If not, has anyone dealt successfully with this in their pregnancies to the extreme that I have to? I really don't think I can endure this...thanks in advance.


SuzieQ - February 27

I'm not sure if this is worth looking into - but I occa__sionally get what's called "meniere's" syndrome. I haven't had it during pregnancy, but I also have low blood pressure. I get extremely dizzy, to the point where I need to guide myself down the hall using my hands on the walls. If I lay down, it's like getting the head spins when extremely drunk. NOT fun! I've taken a pill called "serc" and it takes it away within an hour. I know dizziness is common during pregnancy, but I don't know how severe it's 'supposed' to get. Best wishes


falafal0 - February 28

Thanks SusieQ, I will have a look into on the net and see what I can come up with. I've just come back from the drs, and she said there's nothing to indicate I am exceptionally low in iron, but she said taking a supplement might help...not much else she can do she said, and I was so disappointed I had to hold the tears back. Don't know if I could take the 'serc' pill during pregnancy. The only thing that eases it is either lying down, or when out, to squat or sit. Embarra__sing...thanks for you advice. I'll try anything!


Trinaty - March 10

I have had this alot too. It is so embarra__sing when I have to squat just to get it under control. I have had episodes at my sons school where I have felt like Im going to pa__s out or throw up or both and now I get anxiety every time I feel dizzy because I think Im going to do something embarra__sing in public! I wonder when it will pa__s, I am 14 weeks.


Tanna - March 10

I get a little dizzy myself. More than once I have almost fallen out of the shower after washing my hair or my face because I was standing there with my eyes closed. It sucks. I used to work with a woman who was not allowed to leave her house without someone to escort her while she was pregnant because she was constantly fainting. She had no warning what-so-ever, she would just fall over. Only while she was pregnant to. Strange, huh?



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