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mom_of_1 - March 7

I am trying to find a cute middle name to go with Hope? My husband and I have had Lily Hope picked out since we had our first DD, but my Best friend just had her baby girl and named her we are trying not to use the same name (Although that is what we are stuck on cause we LOVE the name and have wanted it for about 2.5 yrs!) but I though maybe if I could find something we really love to go with Hope we could change our minds? Any ideas?


llukenjess - March 7

Hope Mckenzie is nice....Or Hope Alexis.


bubbasmom - March 7

I completely know how you feel about not wanting to use the same name as a friends baby. I've always loved the name Ryan but my son's sitter who is also a familyl friend, has a son named Ryan. I finally said, oh well because I love the name so much. Does you friend know you've always loved the name so she won't think you are "stealing" it? As for middle names, what about Hope Alexis or Hope Marie?


mommaminchey - March 7

I like Emma Hope or Alissa Hope.


mom_of_1 - March 7

Thank you ladies~ Yes my friend knows I love it and always have, so actually she STOLE it from me. We have talked about it and we both say we dont care. It is just weird, and now the name doesn't feel as much like"mine" as it did before she used it :)I like Hope Mckenzie (always loved Mckenzie) my DH doesnt care for it. I really think we are just going to stick with Lily Hope. At least the girls wont go to the same school?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

Oh I know, I had one name picked out, It was Faith Ammarie Hope, but we didn't do it because our last name starts with q and well her initials would be FAHQ another words Fah Q (F**K U) so we didn't do that. But I still love the name


mjvdec01 - March 7

Since you like Lily so much, but it is taken, why not go with Laila? It is similar, without being the same as your friend's daughter. Just out of curiosity, did your friend know that this was the name you wanted to use before she got pregnant?


Renae - March 7

what about Lillian Hope?


elizhope - March 8

My name is Elizabeth Hope... The good thing about Hope is sooo many names sounds cute with it. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - March 9

What about Ellie? Sounds like Lily



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