Need Info On Childbirth Classes

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jyotsna - March 14

Hi everyone! I am 17 weeks pregnant and this is our first pregnancy. I was wondering when is a good time to start going to childbirth classes and which technique is more effective, Lamaze or Bradley's? Also i am thinking about not taking any medication during labour and getting a doula....any experiences or thoughts on this subject will be really appreciated? Thank you !


Emily - March 15

Lets see I was about 26-30 weeks preg when we took our childbirth cla__ses. We took them trough the hospital. They say to register early though as they fill up fast. Everyone in my cla__s was due around the same time, so I think it is pretty common at least around here.The key is to sign up early to be asurred a spot in the one you wnat wehn you want, but don't take it too early casue you don't want to forget. I took a general childbirht cla__s offfered by the hospital that covered many options. It did include lamaze and a little bradley's. I personally did go for medications. They sped up my contractions though cause they weren't progressing and my oh my the pain....I did not have a dolua but have heard that woman with them have a higher rate of all natural births. they know alot of pain manangenment techniques. Just remember who you want in the room wehn you deliver. Some hospitals and birht center have limits on the number of people. Mine was two (but the doc let me have three) I had my dh and my sis who is a nurse and my mom. The doula may count as one of your people. Jsut food for thought. Good luck,.,,,,


jyotsna - March 16

Thanks Emily! Then I better check with my doctor first regarding limits on the no of people in the room because I want my dh and mom to be there before talking to a doula.


Nita_ - March 16

I registered for childbirth and other cla__ses(like infant CPR, b___stfeeding etc) through my local hospital where I'll be delivering as well. We got the info at our 1st visit to my OBGYN. And they said the same thing to register early so you can get a seat in. Typically folks take them in 7th/8th month and ours start next month end too. I'm due june end. Since this is our first, I'm not going to rule out not taking medications though, scared of the labor pain. Of course I might be more intimidated or maybe less once I take the cla__ses. Good luck with your cla__ses!


Atarahsmommy - March 16

I also do not want to use medicine and I really want to reduce my chances of not being able to handle the pain and then asking for it during labor, I have really been looking into hypno birthing, you should go to the hypnobabies website and look into it, it really sounds wonderful to me and I am already feeling excited about having this baby, it has really made me excited to give birth to my dd. Also go to this webiste thread to hear what other have to say about it, there is a hypno babies instructor on so she can answer question for you if you want


Atarahsmommy - March 16

remove the dashes from preg-nancy and g-o-



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