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Lynn - February 8

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I've been looking for a job.I have an interview and I desperately need this job.My question is .. what's everyones opinion on letting them know that I'm pregnant? I'm barely showing..and I really need this job so I'm leaning toward waiting to tell them till I get hired.It's not a job that would be harming anything so I see no reason to let them know now right away....


Jenn - February 8

Remember that pregnancy is now protected by discrimination law. Meaning that it cannot be used to determine if you get hired or not. I would let them know, because if you get hired and then tell them your boss may not appreciate it.


Summer - February 9

Hey, I've been having a hard time finding a job as well. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and barely showing, but it seems like everyone can tell or something. My cousin *who is also pregnant* told me not to tell till afterwards. I have told most the jobs that I was pregnant, and have been turned down by them all cause "someone more qualified.. or other applicants blah blah" It just doesnt seem fair!! I know there is a discrimination law, but they dont seem to care =(


Steph - February 11

Hi. I am in HR and most employers would appreciate the fact that you are open and honest. I wouldn't tell them in the first interview, but if you are called back for a 2nd, then I would let them know. You can also a__sure them that you want to continue to work after the baby is born and will make sure your back up is trained before you leave and you will be available some during your maternity leave, if needed. This will help ease the pain of letting a new employee leave for 6 weeks and it will also show that you take your job and responsibilities seriously.


c - February 12

i was in the same shoes as you... i think i was 3 mos pregnant. i didn't tell them. i, like you, really needed the job. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. i told them about a month after i was hired and they were fine with it. go for it and good luck



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