Need Opinions On Baby Name Please And Thank You

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skylersmom - May 3

h__lo all. we found out we're having a boy and we're having extreme difficulty finding names we like. so the one that we both agree on is Cayden Philip. Philip is my fiance's middle name. i dont particularly like it all that much, but i want him to have his daddys middle name so it has meaning. and i think it sounds good together too. it was either that or his dads middle name which is Earl LOL. so anyways, Cayden honest!!! i can take it lol. thanks everyone


Ddvinson3 - May 3

Sounds really good I think!


Tanya2 - May 3

I really like Cayden. And yes I do agree that the middle name should have meaning and since thats his daddy's m name then go for it. We are having a boy too and can't decide on either first or middle names. My husband doesn't want him to have either his first or middle name, he says he doesn't like it so we are not even talking about it now. With my daughter we picked the perfect name for us when i was 8 months so I think there is still hope. When the time comes closer I think we will both look more seriiously.


Erynn21 - May 3

I think it sound likea great boys name.


Angelaw. - May 3

I really like the name Philip, and it is so hard to pair with a name, but I really like your combo!


amyn - May 3

What about Jack?? If we have a boy we will name him Jackson Paul, and call him Jack. The Jack is for my DH's grandpa and the Paul is my DH's middle name.


skylersmom - May 3

i like jackson paul. thats really cute. thanks for all your replies! ive mentioned the name to several family members and everyone seems to like it so far so, awesome! i feel so relieved that we found a nice name and everyone else likes it too. its SOOO hard!! good luck tanya2. im sure youll find the perfect name.


MM - May 3

My favourite boy name is Aidan - but my friend already has a little boy named Aidan. I also like Kieran (my nephew). We are going to use Braeden if we have a boy.


Kara H. - May 3

I think the reason you are questioning the combination is the hard "C" is a tough sound to pair with a the soft "PH" shound. What about subst_tuting the "C" for an "H" and making it Hayden Philip? It rolls much better.


new mommy - May 4

you have guts telling family members the name. I wouldn't want to until the baby is born, I don't want to decide and then have them say gross that is horrible. No matter what you say someone won't like it. For some reason it is easier to take opinions from strangers. So we are using Samuel Ryan if it is a boy. Ryan is my husbands middle name.


18wbabynov - May 4

i really like it. especailly a lot better than earl... haha... sorry. but i really like both names actually, cayden and philip!



I love the name cayden!


linzee - May 7

i love the name cayden too! actually, if it turns out we are going to have a boy, we are naming him Cayden Lee, as of its a tradition in my dh's family to have Lee as the middle name for the first born boys. his middle name is lee, his dads, grandfathers, and great grandfathers middle name is lee. plus its my maiden name!


skylersmom - May 8

linzee thats cool your family has a tradition like that. names with good meaning are the best. thats funny your naming your son cayden now lol. it is a cute name, its actually the only name we have found that we liked. boy names are hard. thanks everyone!


linzee - May 9

yea, cayden is the only one we've been able to pick out so far. we've had it for about a month now, but it will probably


falafal0 - May 9

I love it. I actually wanted Cayden for this boy I"m preggers with now, but DH wouldn't hear of it. The face he pulled would have made you think I'd just asked him to cut his p___s SO, it's for some, not for others, but I love Cayden Phillip, it DOES go well together, like you said. Flows off hte tongue nicely. SOunds cute too, your boy will be good looking! :-)


Jen01 - May 9

Sounds good together!



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