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need help - October 11

Ok first off i know its bad so please no grief, if anyone could give me some advice that would cool. I'm almost 23 weeks now and im still smoking i've cut back alot from when i wasn't pregnant. I have a problem with my blood presure goin up when under stress and everytime i try to quit i feel like my hearts goin to blow up. But as soon as i have a cig my body calms down. I've been trying to quit since the first day i found out i was preggy but i feel like i cant do it. I want to do it for the baby but sometime i feel like when im trying to quit im doing more harm to myself and the baby. Please help if anyone has advice for me.


Jean - October 11

You can totally quit. Just tell yourself that you have to get through that one craving - that one sense that your heart will explode. I *promise* that the feeling will pa__s. You just have to get through each one...and in a few weeks they will go away. Have you talked to your doctor about help quitting?


need help - October 11

I have to my doc and he has told me to quit but at the same time hes also said if i feel like it would help bring down my blood presure to have one. With my first child he recommend that i dont quit with her cause of how sick i was and at the beginning of this preg cause of my risk of miscarriage he told me to wait till i go to the safe zone. Thats why im so confused if hes saying dont quit cut back, do i really take the chance.


rl - October 11

If I were you I would cut back as much as you can it is not good to put too much stress on your body at one time I am not saying to smoke a pack a day but a couple are not so bad good luck


bump - October 11



Beth - October 11

I'm 25 weeks and have cut down to 2-3 a day, but I feel your pain, I can't give it up, especially with all the hormones allready making my life insane, my doc told me to cut down as much as possible, but if it's going to stress me out not to have a smoke, then to have half one, I do. I feel guilty every time I have one, I'm a closet smoker, only my closest friends know I haven't given it up. They all smoke and so does my boyfriens, so if you can do it tell me how!



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