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evae777 - September 20

i haven't been cooking lately, which is probably healthier for the baby. i am embarrassed but i have been eating frozen stuff and trying to eat salads and fruits to make up for it. is this terribly wrong and damaging to the fetus?? anyone have suggestions? somedays i dont even have an appet_te...


Happymommy - September 20

Your baby will be fine!! No, eating frozen foods is not the healthiest of options, but your body will be giving your baby what it needs. Mostly I would say that for yourself you should try to eat as healthy as you can, but I know what you mean. I also have been cooking a lot less lately. But don't worry--you can't damage your baby by eating frozen foods!!


jennifer_33106 - September 20

*Bows Head in shame* Me too...... Frozen chicken that I can pop in the Microwave and make a sandwich. I have been eating those frozen taquitos that all I have to do is pop it in the microwave. those so-called burritos that you pop in the microwave. I have wondered the same thing.But I have gotten better about eating my veggies!! I think my problem though is that when I get hungry I have to eat fast otherwise I throw up.


sahm2alaj - September 20

Guilty as charged! I have been the queen of eating out lately :(


sarah21 - September 20

Guilty here too. I eat whatever sounds good because usually only one thing sounds good and if I try to eat something else I gag. I too try to eat healthier but just have to ease my mind that my nutrients come from the prenatal vitamins. Last night for dinner I had a bowl of Lucky Charms and some boiled red potatoes with b___ter... mmmm. It was so good I may have it again tonight. Lol.


Astra - September 20

Until this week my husband and I were living off frozen food and take out since I was too nausous/tired to cook. I tried to compensate by eating lots of fruit, whole grains and drinking tons of water. Now all of a sudden I have more energy and started to cook again but the energy boosts are so sporadic that it's not every day. I think by eating fresh fruit and veggies you are doing more than a lot of women and also think of those poor women who suffer from m/s throuhout their pregnancy. Whenever I feel guilty for not having a 100% balanced meals I also remind myself that I have the prenantal just for backup.


evae777 - September 20

thanks everyone, i was reallybeing hard on myself over this..


sarah21 - September 20

I say take your vitamins, continue to eat your salad and fruit, know that you're doing the best you can, and try to stop beating yourself up. I know it's hard, but there are going to be things all during your pregnancy that don't go perfectly or by the book, and it's okay.



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