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kimmy - August 30

Before I got pregnant I cheated on my bf. I told him about it. The last time i slept with the other guy was back in the end of March. Since then, I have been FAITHFUL to my bf. Later, I find out i'm pregnant. I am currently 3.5 months. I know my bf has something in the back of his mind that the baby may not be his, but i know it is since i've been faithfull. Do you think there is any possibility that it could be the other guy's? My last regular menstrual period was in May. I just don't know what else to tell him to convince him it's his other than i've been faithfull.


Dani Renee' - August 30

What was the 1st day of your last menstrual period? & did the dr tell you the date you conceived? My Dr. told me the exact date. If you have that date, then you should be able to look back and see if that was after you slept with the other guy.. good luck


kimmy - August 30

First day of my last menstrual was May 19. According to the internet calculation, I concieved on june 2nd or 3rd.


Sara - August 30

If the last time you where with someone else was in March there is no way the baby could be anyone elses but your boyfriends. If he doesnt trust you, you can always get a dna test when the baby is born.


Swtpea - August 30

I have a similar situation. I was dating a guy in the military up through March, our last intercourse was Feb. 27th, he broke things off last 2 days of March. And I havent seen him since. I started dating my ex Mid April, got old habbits back and had intercourse about april 20th. My conception date, *laughs* is the first couple days of April, I wasnt with either guy. So... that makes it confusing. I did have one, light 2 day period mid March, and one light 1 1/2 day one april 16th'ish. So the doctors... still havent figured out the correct date. *laughs* Eitherway, their calculations are off by 2-3 weeks with each guy. BUT... I did take a pregnancy test in March, as soon as he broke up with me and it came up negative. So "I" know who's it is, just kinda silly... calculations arent always accurate =o)



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