Needlessly Worried

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TiffVano - August 22

i am 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my second child, i do not feel pregnant at all.....and even worse, i don't look it, i am a little overweight but no more than i was with my first and it was right around this time when i started showing, i can see the bump when i am lying down and feel it hardening but it just has me so worried, like the baby is just very small perhaps, my first was 9lbs 11 ounces at birth so maybe i am just used to big babies lol i know every pregnancy is different but i am just looking to maybe hear from other moms who showed late and have wonderful happy babies, i alos have my ultrasound coming up which should help, but somene has told me that the "more" pregnant you are the harder it is to tell the s_x, i really would like to know, anyone out there find out the s_x on an ultrasound at about 20 weeks, thanks so much for any input guys


clindholm - August 22

Tiffvano- I also did not have much in the way of pregnancy symptoms, every pregnancy is different. In my first pregnancy, I also did not show until late, they are typically less than 2 lbs at this stage so I wouldn't worry. My dd is now a sweet, happy, healthy 20 month old (born at 4 lbs- with NO health problems). I was told the s_x of my baby at my 13 week NT ultrasound and confirmed at my 18 week ultrasound. I have heard that it takes longer to feel movement if you are a bit overweight. Does your OB let you hear the heartbeat at your appts? Try not to worry (I know, easier said than done). When is your scan?


newbaby2009 - August 22

They usually dont even try to find out the s_x til 20 weeks. Thats the normal and actually it gats easier to determine the s_x the farther along you are. Its not until month 9 the baby gets cramped and cant move much so maybe it wouldnt be in the right position.


AMBERBABY4 - August 23

hi this is my 4th pregnancy and i am not showing know where near as much as i did with my other 3 i had a bump like a 5month bump at 13 weeks with all my others but now at 23 weeks im people have just started noticing my bump is the size it should be at five mths and i was told my is about just under a week of its size but there is nothing wrong with my baby i dont think you have any thing to worry about cheers


TiffVano - August 24

thanks so much everyone, i had my ultrasound today and it looks like we will be adding a baby girl to our family, which is kinda nice seeing as how there is already two boys lol, everything was normal and fina and the baby was so active i am just not able to feel it it, and as i just wrote that i fely her lol thanks for the posts everyone it really did help


newbaby2009 - August 24




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