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lala7 - September 27

I just found out that I'm A- blood type and apparently being negative is a problem in pregnancy cos i can start attacking my baby if it's positive type. I know it can all be 'treated' with injections but it does still worry me a bit - does anyone have any experience with it? I'm particularly worried cos it said that it can affect further pregnancies. Any help/advice would be appreciated!


Happymommy - September 27

From what I hear if you have it treated it is usually no problem at all. And with the first baby your body is just developing the antibodies, so I don't think that it will hurt the baby. Not sure if you are treated or not with a first pregnancy. Anyways, it is very common and I don't ever hear about women who have problems after being treated. Best wishes!


sarah21 - September 27

You're absolutely going to be fine. You will get an injection after you give birth. Then if you get pregnant again, you will get two shots during the course of your pregnancy, and again at the end and all will be perfectly normal. My sister-in-law is Rh- also and she has 5 healthy babies to show for it. Just make sure the Dr. next time is aware of it, and you'll have no problems.


lala7 - September 27

Thanks for that! I'm getting 2 injections during this pregnancy too - I think it's to try to prevent the antibodies from developing or something. Thanks for easing my mind!


KRISTINA - September 27

I am also RH negative. I am pregnant with my second baby. You will have to have a shot during pregnancy. I am getting mine soon and I am 23 weeks. If I remember correcly they might give you another after the birth. But this is just a precaution...remeber your body will only create antibodies to attack your babys if your baby is a positive. So if your mate/husband is RH- as well it is impossable for your baby to be a positive.


val_jo - September 27

I am A- as well. I am now 15 weeks. My dr told me I will get a shot at around 28 weeks and another after delivery. She said it is nothing to worry about, but the shots are just a precaution. My sister had the shots and her and her baby were perfect. Try not to worry, I'm not that concerned.


Tory1980 - September 27

I am A- negative too. All my babies are +. With my first pregnancy they told me I wouldn't need the injections but I ended up bleeding at 29weeks so they gave me Anti-D as a precaution in case baby and my blood group mixed (we didn't know the fathers blood group at that time) and then again after the birth. With the rest of my pregnancies I have the Anti-D at 28weeks and 34weeks and then again after the birth. Ths injection must be given NO LATER than 72hours after the birth so make sure they check the blood group of the baby and get it to you if he/she is +. It can affect further pregnancies but I have had no problems with any of mine. If your partner is also negative then this will have no effect what-so-ever on the baby.


Astra - September 27

I'm B-. Did you find out your partner's blood type. I was hoping my husband would also be negative but alas he is positive. My doctor had rea__sured me that this is nothing to worry about and I will get an injection at the begining of the third trimester and another after birth if the baby is +.


Cevvin - September 27

rhogram for the win. Take the 2 shots, and just remember next pregnancy. Not much to worry about if you take care of it!


KRISTINA - September 27

DId anybody else get the shot regardless of the fathers blood type? My husband says he is A- , so really, if he is right, I shouldnt have to get it, but I got it anyways.


Skyla - October 2

I am A- and husband is +. my doc said she would have given me the shot regardless as mistakes can always happen. If you do bleed, you should go to the hspital right away for precaution. They give a shot after delivery and this is to protect your body for your next pregnancy.


cfuller - October 2

you and baby will be just fine. My mom is the same blood type as you and she had 4 very healthy babies and all 4 of us have a positive blood type. She did the shots and everything worked out perfectly so there is no need to worry :-) my brothers and I all turned out fine and she didn't have any complications with her pregnancies. Good luck!~


evae777 - October 2

my brother is a medical technologist and he had told me about this but i didnt think that the mothers blood and the fetus's mix with each other at any point. now i am worried as i am not sure what my partner's blood type is and have no idea what mine is and my doctor has never brought this up?? should i say something to the doctor? i am 25 weeks...


evae777 - October 2

also, when are they able to find out what the baby's blood type is?? and when does this start affecting the baby?


KMcDougall - October 3

Being negative is not that big of a deal ladies so dont stress your self out over it. They will give you a shot of Rogham towards the end of your second trimester or the beginning of your third. Mainly to protect your next baby. and then you will get it after you deliver. being Rh- usually does not affect your first child because your body has not had time to build up antibodies against the baby yet. I had a miscarriage and they gave it to me to protect the baby i am pregnant with now. BUT if your hubby is also negative then no shots are needed at all. I am O- and he is A-. dont stress ladies. My sister was negative and had to have shots with both of her babies and they are perfectly fine!



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