Nervous About 20 Wks Scan

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beardtl - November 30

Next wk we go for our 20 wk scan which is exciting b/c we find out the s_x, but I haven't seen my baby since 7 wks- how do i know everything is okay? I listen to its heartbeat everyday and I feel it moving sometimes but what else assures you that everything is going okay? I just feel like Dr. should do scans more often. I've heard of women making it this far and then having m/c...I just want to have a scan once a month to visibly see progress. What is your assurance- I need advice!! Thanks!


beardtl - November 30



HeatherIsHopeful - November 30

I think that hearing the heartbeat and feeling movement are GREAT signs that everything is alright... Im at 11 and a half weeks and just got my first u/s a couple days ago which they don't normally do but I wasn't sure how far along I was so they gave me one.. but normally they will make you wait till your 18-20 week scan before you even get your FIRST u/s!! I know you are worried but take comfort in the signs you have like movement and heartbeats and try to stay positive :) good luck!


cynthia502 - November 30

This is my 4th pregnancy. My first two I had only 1 scan - at 20 weeks. The 3rd I had 3 (in addition to the midpoint) - the 1st to date my pregnancy and the 2nd & 3rd because I had placenta problems. This pregnancy I have twins, so u/s will be more often. However, if there are no problems, they usually only give you one and take that as a good sign. Your feeling movements and listening to the heartbeat are good rea__surance everything is okay. Plus at your scan, they will check all major organs, etc and you will feel a sense of relief once you see everything is functioning okay. Good luck to you! :-)


goldfish - November 30

i will be having my 20 week scan coming wed too.Iam very very nervous . i just had my aminocentsis and results are normal and OK. I have acerclage on me so that makes me very tensed. i totally understand abt having scans more often i wonder why they dont provide them more often. What doppler do you use?. I want to buy one to bring down my anxiety level.


beardtl - November 30

Thanks for the replies!!! Goldfish ...good luck Wed and I use babybeats- $45/mo.


sarah21 - December 1

Hi Beard. I had my 20 week scan at 23 weeks, and I was a bit nervous too. You just have to trust your instincts and that things are going as they normally do the majority of the time. Just relax and enjoy seeing the little one on the screen. It is so amazing and fun and chances are, everything will be great. Heartbeats and movements combined with your instincts are the best indicators. Happy pregnancy!


Malica - December 2

I know it won't likely ease anyone's mind, but having any more scans are medically unnecessary. Try to remember how many billion of women have had billions of healthy babies without the recent technology that we have today. :)



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