New Beth Thread II

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Trying to be helpfull. - April 18

I don't know all of you, I am in a thread with some of my friends that we moved from the first trimester just a bit ago. Not trying to get into your conversation or anything, just say your old page and it seriously looks like you can use a new thread. Can anyone say carpal tunnel from scrolling down such a long thread as that? Haha :-) Hope this is helpful to you.


NM - April 18

LOL! Thanks, trying to be helpful. I was thinking earlier that we need to start a new thread.


Beth - April 18

Thanks trying to be helpful!! I was also thinking if starting a new one. .I think Ekay and Lucky are the good ones on that!! :0)


Jennifer - April 18

Thanks. I was thinking the same thing.


NM - April 18

Maybe we should start a new thread every couple of days....


NM - April 18

One more hour and I am going home!!!


ekay - April 18

How dare you get into our conversation.......kidding!!! Okay, I am back from a queso filled lunch. Talking about it made me want it. I am stuffed!!!!! My sister gave me some clothes that are too small for her. Well, about another week and they will be too small for me-in my ASS! We're both big thighed and hipped, so hopefully sometime in this pregnancy it will come in handy. Anywho-thanks for new thread-starter. I never realized how long our other one was until I actually tried scrolling down. BTW, my next u/s is in 2 weeks, course nothing exciting to you guys! I just hope everything is in it's right spot and no holes or anything.


Jennifer - April 18

Everyone is quiet again, it seems like we all go to sleep after lunch. hahaha. I was thinking we should all exchange email addresses if you want to, then we can emial pictures after we have our babies. Let me know what you think.


Beth - April 18

I am EXTEREMELY tired. I got back from the chiropractor about an hour ago . . .I went in because last night I could not sleep for anything and felt that I pulled a muscle or oinched a nerve in my right shoulder it hurt and it felt like an extremely tight piece of string was tied to my elbow and oulled tight and then tingling in my hand it hurt so bad. He adjusted me and then put me in for a ma__sage. I did not tell the ma__sage therapist that I was pg and I laid on my stomach thinking she was only doing my shoulder and back I would be ok. After about ten minutes I had to have her stop I got extremely queasy, sweaty and felt claustrophobic :0(. I came back and ate lunch but I still don't feel "all here" :0(


Beth - April 18

I am all for exchanging e-mail addresses, besides my work one I have yahoo [email protected]


Kara - April 18

Hi Beth, NM, ekay, Jennifer, Lucky and Citrouille, how are you all. NM, i'm sorry to hear you had a bad day at work yesterday. I don't work secularly so I havn't had that happen to me, but i'm in the same boat as you. I went to a friends engagement party on the weekend and noone believed i was pregnant, it just looks like i have a little pot belly. I'm 18 weeks, nearly halfway there and they said you cant' be. and one lady in a baby shop i was in the other day asked me if i was sure my baby was healthy and ok because i was so small. I told her the baby and i were in perfect health. I just wish i was huge so people would stop saying things like that! So i sorta understand how you feel. But the other guys are right. I think the best way is just to laugh it off, i tell everyone what my obstetrician told me, that i was lucky cos i wouldn't have trouble with flubber after the baby! Well, our application for home loan goes in today, hoping to hear back by end of week. And tomorrow is my ultrasound! Woohoo! Will let you know how it goes. I'm pretty positive i'm having a boy, but we'll see. Oh and i just realised why it seemed so quiet - we're ahead of you guys 1 day i think, so Yesterday, Monday for me, was still Sunday night for yous. Time differences are funny. Ok, bye!


Jennifer - April 19

Good Morning Everyone!! How is everone doing today? How is your shoulder today Beth. My email address is [email protected] for those of you who would like it. If there is anyone who would like to exchange email address, but don't want to post them here, you could just email it to me.


ekay - April 19

Actually I usually do go to sleep after lunch! How exciting Kara, you better let us know what you are having! My daughter woke up at 5:30 screaming for no reason, so I attempted lying on her floor to get her to go back to sleep. Bad Idea-my neck is now a big knot. Beth, you shoulda just said you were pg, silly. I can't even lay on my stomach and I am 2 weeks behind you! Good morning to everyone else!


Jennifer - April 19

I am leaving now for my glucose testing, talk to you all when I get back.


NM - April 19

Good morning everyone. I am starting to wonder if this pain in my back is stress. When I am home, my back feels okay:) I am fine with exchanging email addresses. Thanks Kara, for understanding me. I hear this everyday and it is hard to let it go. If I didn't hear it every day it might be easier. I need earplugs.....


Lucky1 - April 19

Good Luck Jennifer.... Hey girls, my baby decided she wants to be an acrobat, she decided this a 3:30am... I swear she must have been in there having a ball, I don't know what made her start flipping and kicking like that, but it woke me up. I know it sounds like it would be annoying but it was such a joyous moment.... :o)) She hasn't been moving this morning, she's probably tired from dancing all night (lol)....


Beth - April 19

Good morning everyone!! I cam einto work an hour later this morning because I have an apt after work, but I would have had to sit around for an hour and wait so I decided to make the best of it and sleep in an hour and not have to sit around and wait for my apt!! My shoulder feels a little better. . .tight because of all the hard pressing she did, my chiropractor wants me to get into her at least twice a week (free ma__sages, haa haa). But next time I will be laying on my side!! Kara can't wait to hear what you are having!!! And Jennifer good luck on the glucose test, I am not looking forward to that one where I have to sit forever. Haa haa, how cute Lucky!! I can't wait for that much movement. I took a very relaxing bath last night while finace was on the computer, it relaxed me so much that I went and laid down and knocked out, I think because I relaxed so much the baby though it should dance around. .I fell asleep to it swimming around in there!



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