New Mom Needs Advice On What To Buy

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Jenn - April 12

I'm a first time Mom due in October. I'm getting so overwhelmed by all of the "baby stuff" for sale *I'm also overwhelmed by the prices* I'd really like so help from you seasoned Moms =) In all honesty, what will I actually NEED? I don't want to waste a whole bunch of money on expensive things I won't really use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies!


penny - April 12

Jenn- Go register at someplace like target and have your best friend throw you a baby shower......this way you get some things that you might not buy for yourself........there are basics of course........carseat, crib, onesies....ect......


penny - April 12

oh shezzz I forgot this one, don't forget a really good baby swing........this will save you!! a must to have!!


Jbear - April 13

You'll need a crib, a car seat and a stroller to start out with. If you're going to spend lots of time visiting, or if your house is 2 story (with the crib upstairs) you might want a pack-n-play with a ba__sinette. Don't get a plain ba__sinette, because the baby will outgrow it within about 3 months. You can use a baby swing when the baby's about 6 weeks old, and an exersaucer (safer than a walker) later on. As far as bedding goes, you'll need 3 or 4 crib sheets, about 6 recieving blankets (2 to roll up to support the baby in the carseat), a couple of warmer blankets (don't use comforters or pillows until baby's a year old) a couple of waterproof pads (you can use a large waterproof pad the last couple weeks of your pregnancy too, so that if your water breaks while you're asleep you don't ruin the mattress). For the bath, you need a couple of baby towels, some washcloths, and maybe a plastic bathtub. Since you're having a fall baby (me too), footed sleepers might be more practical than onesies. You'll need five or six, more if you don't have a washing machine in your place. You'll also need baby socks and a hat or two. I've started buying the things I'll need at the area thrift stores. Baby clothes don't get used that much, and lots of them are just like new. I've already bought a bunch of blankets and towels, a baby swing and a carseat, all at the thrift store (and all together for less than $30). Good luck with your baby, and if you buy baby clothes new, leave the tags on and save the receipts so you can exchange them if you need a bigger or smaller size.



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