New Mom Needs Registry Help

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erinsoul - October 6

I'm starting a registry, but honestly, I'm not sure what to register for. Besides the obvious like "pack n play", bouncers and crib bedding...I just don't know what I really need. There are check lists to follow, but I know I don't NEED all that stuff. Please tell me the items that are REALLY helpful to have. I need help with things like bath and diaper products, bottles, feeding accessories, and anything else I'm not thinking about. Are certain brands better than others? I would really appreciate suggestions! Oh, and I'm having a boy, due Feb 10th! Thanks so much!


pbj - October 6

I would say check out consumer reports ( It helped me out a lot, different brands are known for different things, so it just depends. There's also a necessity list under the baby section, the baby stores will give you one, but it has way more on it than you need. (of course I'm sure it's because they want your money) I'm a first time mom too so I figured some things I may figure out after my baby is born, but friends who have kids have helped, each have different opinions, but it helped since most have the same lifestyle as I do. Good Luck!


Michelle - October 6

Ok....I am soon going to be a second time mom....and I can tell you...alot of things I got at my first...I took back. You should register....bottles, onesies, bath products (like tubs), bouncers, swing, stroller, car seat, window shades for vehicles, grooming need(nail clippers, nose suctions, stuff like that), bibs, high chair, play mats, diapers, bedding, mobiles, any accessories for the room, blankets...stuff like that. That is pretty much the necessities. Things I got that I took back.....bottle sterlizier....sterlize the bottles once and wash them really good after that. Bottle warmers, my daughter never liked warm bottles. I used regular water. Something nice to think about is a diaper wipes warmer.....dont have one, but would like one. Oh and make sure to ask for Myclon Drops! wonders when your baby has gas. Ugh! Brand names, I like all sorts...depends on what the product is. Don't use Avent bottles!!!! They leak all the time. Good bottles are Playtex Nursers. I have tried all sorts and love those the best, but its personnel prefernce. Good luck and hope this helps! Other ladies will give opinions and I am sure they will point out something I forgot.


Michelle - October 6

It's me again...lot of things I left off. Get extra sheets, you want more than one. Get matress cover and there is a sheet guard that you ties to the bars on the crib, it catches all the spit up so it doesn't stain your sheets. Worked wonders for me. Burp clothes, but the ones you get at the hospital...they really are the best. I registered burp clothes and never used them. I liked the ones from the hospital better.


Brooke - October 6

I went to babies r us and bought this purple consumer books that rates all of the items that you need. It was so helpful. I read it all and highlighted all the items I wanted, then went into the store with my book and registered. It made is so much easier, otherwise it can be very overwhelming.


jessielouwho - October 7

There are a lot of websites that can help w/ a checklist, of course you don't have to get everything on the list but it'll give you an idea: Target's is pretty cool too, you have to select "essentials" from the "buying guide" in the bottom left corner:


jessielouwho - October 7

For some reason links don't post right in this forum, remove ALL the (dashes) - from the web address, but not the (underlines) _


erinsoul - October 9

Thanks for the checklist info, but I still find it somewhat overwhelming. I could really use some suggestions on brands(bottles, diapers, formula,etc) and things you other moms just can't live without for your babies.


Dani - October 9

A swing or bouncer is nice for when you need to set baby down. It occupys the baby :) and lets you have a break empty handed! good luck


jen - October 10

I know how you feel. I am pregnant with my second and hope I can help. I nursed my baby but my sister in law did a lot of reading and research and determined that Parent's Choice formula from Wal-Mart was every bit as good for your baby as the name brand formulas and a lot cheaper if money is a concern. I use pampers. Huggies exploded and all the gel came out and stuck to my little girls b___t. What a mess! Some veteran moms told me to try pampers and I love them. I tried Target brand and they aren't bad but my daughter seemed to get more diaper rashes with them. I used Playtex nursers for my daughter and never had problems with them leaking or anything but the inserts are a little bit of a pain. I kind of thought the whole bottle thing was a pain so I may be way off on that. I found that when people tried to buy gifts for me from my registry and something wasn't there or they wanted to buy something in addition, they also bought blankets and burp cloths. The burp cloths were good because my baby was a spit upper! I did not have enough bibs. I literally had to change her bib every hour for the first several months of her life and that stuff gets stinky fast. My favorite burp cloths were cloth diapers. They are really absorbant. We were given a travel swing. It is one of those that are only about 2 feet tall. It was the best. We could bring her from room to room while she was in the swing and it was easy to take to grandma's. It also does not take up as much room as the larger swings. We had both and my daughter definitely preferred the small one. Hope this helped.



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